Jan 8

Unexplained Mysteries: What Happened To The Mysterious Witches

What happened to the mysterious witches that were reported above Mexico? Today, we take a look what happened to the mysterious witches that were spotted above Mexico.

Reports of paranormal entities have been reported for decades. What makes these reports interesting is the fact that they go beyond just stories, having many people come forward with their encounters, and even struggling to explain what it was they encountered.

The most common of these entities is that of ghosts of other paranormal beings. These have been reported for years by various people all across the world, however equally confusing is the high number of mysterious people cases that have been reported in recent years.

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  1. Lisa B

    Creepy! I recently discovered, thru ancestry.com, I have an ancestor that was accused of being a witch. Her last name was Griswold. I got laughed at because it reminded them of National Lampoons Christmas family. But my ancestor lived in Connecticut during 1700s, she was acquitted. I don’t think she was accused of flying thru the air tho. Thank you for sharing Wes!

  2. Lisa B

    You’re right Richard, it’s fascinating! I knew my heritage was mostly Scottish/English but I was shocked to find so many ancestors were here in 1600/1700s. I attended a conference in New Orleans in 2013, one of the speakers was a geneticist. She talked about how many people it takes to create one person. It takes 1000 people to create you. When you are created, there’s little droplets of random dna from those thousand people to make you. I found that interesting because I once heard or read somewhere, that a soul is recycled 1000 times. If you believe in that stuff, that means your soul has 1000 chances to get your life correct, or become worthy of ascending to heaven. It’s amazing to me how you can research something and you end up somewhere completely different from where you started. I found something too while looking on ancestry. I had the international version with my membership. I was researching the Jay family. My mother is a Jay. As I’m researching, I come across a photo of a lady in England. Her name was Sarah Jay. My heart stopped when I saw her. She looks exactly like my mother! The photo however was taken in 1850, Sussex, England. Sarah Jay never left England. So 89 years later my mom is born in the states, and looks exactly like Sarah! This stuff amazes me. I apologize to Wes and everyone for my rambling. I just get excited and want to share lol.

    • sandy r

      Though none of us know much for sure 1000 lives isn’t the magic number it could be more or less it depends on how many it takes for us to get to the level of assentation. Or back to our source of creation. Most call God.

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