May 11

UFO Files: UFO’s of the 70s

This is a full episode from History’s Season 3, Episode 6, “UFO’s of the 70’s.” History writes “The 1970s were one of the most active periods of UFO sightings.” Check it out below.


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  1. Steve G

    Ive heard about the Mexican retrieval (30 min into to video). I’m guessing the US used a biological weapon to kill the convoy, hence arriving on scene already prepared for environmental hazards. Probably took it to nellis. Theres a paper trail of a contractor building bunkers in late 60’s i think, which seems to fit S-4 location where Lazar worked. So they had ufo storage space there before this 70’s incident. The discs are piling up. They retrieve one every 3-5 years according to a whistleblower. I think they also bought one from a south american country a few years back.

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