Dec 20

UFO Encounter At 35,000 Feet

History writes “On February 21st, 2021, a mysterious cylinder-shaped object flew over an aircraft while traveling in the sky, in this clip from Season 2, Snakelike Sea Monster / North Korean Supersoldier.”

5 Responses to “UFO Encounter At 35,000 Feet”

  1. Charles R

    If I am not mistaken cruise missiles are designed to fly at very low altitudes, just above the deck so that they cannot be detected by radar. Certainly not at high altitude. Sounds like what are now described as tic tac ufos. When I was younger they were known as cigar shaped ufos.

  2. Lisa G

    A little too close for comfort! Another reason for me to prefer driving over flying. Can you imagine being a passenger on a plane and witnessing a UFO fly past??!!

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