May 31

Two men capture a figure running through the trees

The Mirror writes “Bigfoot is a legendary ape-like figure said to roam the woods of North America. The creature is feared for his intimidating size and mystery surrounds his very existence.

Theorists believe Bigfoot is a link between mankind and apes having emerged as humans evolved into our present state. Scientists argue there is no credible evidence that a creature matching the description of Bigfoot exists. However, there have been several reported sightings of the figure and footprints have been found in American forests said to belong to Bigfoot. One of the most recent sightings of Bigfoot was shared on TikTok when two men claim to have captured video footage of the creature.




The creators behind the @cryptiduniversity account have shared hundreds of videos about Bigfoot.One of the latest shows the two men filming themselves driving through a forest. While on the move something suddenly catches their eye in the background.

The two can be heard talking to each other in the clip while the camera moves to face the car’s windscreen. On the track ahead a fallen tree is seen. The video posted on the pair’s account says: “Notice the tree trying to block the road? Top of the tree has been snapped?” As the car moves slowly around the fallen tree the camera pans to the driver. It is believed Bigfoot was spotted at this point in the background from the driver’s side window.”



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9 Responses to “Two men capture a figure running through the trees”

    • Nigel R

      I’ve watched too many ThinkerThunker videos.

      – Body proportions: Elbow looks a wee bit too high on the arm. Knee looks quite far up the leg. (ie Human body ratio)
      – Has the forward lean going on though!
      – The gate, very hard to tell. Can sort of see a trailing leg the frame it steps behind the tree. Tme-stamp 0:08

      Dunno Nick, could be?

      • Shawn M

        I have watched the smae ” too many thinker thunker videos” …but look how the rear leg is still bent as it pushes off at the same time and the arms look more at a 90° yet look how long they are. I appreciate this discussion Nigel R.

  1. Jeremiah S

    I thought this video looked familiar and I do remember that I was fairly convinced. But that was just based on the video Knobby posted on the SC’s Forum under the Topic “Sasquatch Video/Photos” Started by: Knobby. That video looks like the original uncut version of 01:08 by the owner of the video on his YouTube channel “CzuUncutt”.
    This was the comment I maid to that video:
    “Knobby Looks good to me from what I can see. Only a little of what you can see once you slow it down and try to look at it sec by sec or frame by frame.
    I did notice as the creature was running that the trailing leg looks to come up to a 90 degree angle. Which this has been pointed out and made note of in MK Davis’s video break downs of the Patty Film.
    The arms look parallel during this high speed run possibly reaching for branches to break. The run looks forward leaning too.”
    ( Hey Nigel! I’m right there with you buddy )
    But now, as I go back to where I first drew my conclusion. I noticed this video was uploaded 1 year ago by a guy who has just 65 subscribers, 19 videos, and only one about a possible Sasquatch sighting. So if he does have a motive for a hoax. It’s not jumping right out at me.

  2. Jeremiah S

    Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. About that last pic above, before the comments. If that joker don’t look like a “Forrest Ninja”, I don’t know what does.

  3. Knobby

    There have been reports of sasquatches paralleling people or vehicles just out of view and the circumstances of capturing this one on film is plausible. It looks real enough to me.

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