May 30

Full 360 Look at Patterson Bigfoot Head

ThinkerThunker writes “We humans think any “thing” covered in fur is a dumb animal. So I’ve stripped the fur away for the first, best look ever at what (Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Forest Giants) might look like.”

8 Responses to “Full 360 Look at Patterson Bigfoot Head”

  1. Charles R

    I think the brow ridge should be more pronounced and the nose slightly larger. The ear is the least described facial component as it is usually hidden by hair, however a few have said it is smaller in comparison to ours. The mouth is wider than ours and lower on the face than ours which can be seen by her actual face and has been described as such from time to time. All in all, a worthwhile project.

  2. Seamus J. C

    Very cool! Thinker Thunker one smart cookie.

    I feel the need to compare this face to the usual reports of sasquatch appearance. For instance, most reports of sasquatch faces that I have heard say the their lips are quite thin & almost non-existent, yet Patty here has some rich, thick lips!…something I’d never noticed before in spite of having seen that iconic face a thousand times. Also, her eyes here look smallish, whereas reports usually mention very large eyes, a la the Neanderthal face which also has very large ocular orbits compared to our species. In contrast to the small ears, large eyes would more easily be poked by branches, maybe, unless the increased visual acuity made up the difference (particularly at night?) by providing stimulus to, by reflex, avoid such injury (protruding eyebrow ridges would also help). In the same vein, the sloped forehead would deflect force in case of a collision with, say, a horizontal branch while running through the woods.

    To compare this mock-up of Patty to a Neanderthal specifically, T-T shows the skull shape without an “occipital bun”, in other words without a protrusion of the skull at the rear. In profile, the Neanderthal skull is a long, drawn-out shape. I have often reflected that the skull shape reported in sasquatch is very reminiscent of a Neanderthal skull, except an occipital bun is never mentioned. However, it is true that the longest hair on a sasquatch is reported to come down from its head, and so a bun could be present but not obvious, because covered up with hair.

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