Oct 5

Truck Diver Interrupts The Creatures Hunt

Spoke to a long haul truck driver and he stopped on the side of the road in Texas to use the bathroom. The driver’s little dog ran off into the woods. The witness said “I kept calling my dog to come back but he wasn’t coming back. I heard wild hogs and it sounded like they were running.

I heard one of the hogs make a sound and I thought oh my god they are killing my little dog. I went into the wood line and saw my dog and he was whining. He would not look at me, he was looking up in the tree. I looked back and up to see what he was looking at and I saw this monkey in a tree. It was huge! This thing vocalized and another one came running. This one was much larger and it was carrying something. I realized he was carrying a 200lbs hog in his arm. The one in the tree screamed at me and then the larger one screamed/roared at me. I thought I was dead. I just held my dog and was shaking…..”


The witness as agreed to come on the show.

19 Responses to “Truck Diver Interrupts The Creatures Hunt”

    • Cynthia C

      Impressive! I’m amazed how Mr. New Jersey aka truck driver used his instincts to tell it No! No! No!. I would have screamed and ran away. His story is remarkable. I’m glad his little dog survived the ordeal too.
      Thank you.

  1. Pat T

    Thank you Wes for getting this guy to come on, hard telling how many truck drivers have come across this thing and haven’t reported it. Their job is hard enough moving commerce all over the country at lonely hours and then to have one of these things cross the road in front of you, wish more would share. Thanks for bringing us the best!

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