Feb 8

Tri Diver: Bigfoot spotted by major highway

Tri Diver writes “Bigfoot spotted by major highway in broad daylight. From the files of the BFRO.

Analytical look at a very unusual bigfoot sighting. Spotted walking by a major highway in broad daylight by several passing vehicles. Why would such an elusive and shy creature be walking so close to a busy road during the day. My theory on what it may have been doing and why it was there.”

3 Responses to “Tri Diver: Bigfoot spotted by major highway”

  1. Charles R

    A very plausible explanation. Or maybe the chicken crossing the road question. It was about 2012 when I heard of a very similar occurrence in Kentucky during morning daylight on the I-75. The creature was standing next to a marker sign just a few feet off the pavement.

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