Feb 8

Tonight’s Show: The Rock Throwing Creature

Tonight I will be speaking to two guests. Max is from Texas and he was out night fishing with his friends when rocks started to be thrown at him from the other shore. Max says “I thought it was someone messing with us until this thing screamed at us. I was with three friends and one of my friends took off running back to the truck. I turned the spot light on and that’s when we saw it. I thought it was a great ape of some kind. It was showing its teeth and then it took off up this embankment at a speed I cannot describe.”

I will also be speaking to Rob and Rob is from Michigan. Rob says “My girlfriend and I were sitting off the shore in our fishing boat. When I heard a splash and at first I thought it was fish and my girlfriend said Rob someone is throwing rocks at us. I look back at the shore which was about 80 feet from us and that is when I saw it. It was ugly and big. I have never been so scared in my life. I wasn’t sure what it was but it roared at us….”

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