Mar 20

Top Mysteries: Abduction

Top Mysteries writes “Imagine for a moment, waking just after might night and opening your eyes; you’re uncomfortable and want to adjust position, but you come to the realization that your entire body is paralyzed.

But it gets worse, while helplessly looking up at your ceiling you become aware that you’re not alone. There was no one else home went you retired to the bedroom but now you sense that someone is close and your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest. The room is deafly silent for a moment, but suddenly, a loud humming vibration is heard and felt all around you. Your eyes close and the sensation comes to an end; you awaken once more and you swear that you had experienced surroundings unusual to you and you can’t shake the idea that you had been to a place unfamiliar. Your memory is foggy and a headache is present, but all you remember was having unusual dreams.

As you’re later going about your day you notice bruising or very small scarring that you’re absolutely certain you didn’t have before and can’t remember how it happened. You’re reminded of your earlier dreams and you wonder what in the world happened? Or is your mind just playing tricks on you? This is a variation of an experience that people have reported in relation to believing that something highly unusual had happened to them.


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