Nov 8

Tonight’s Show: The Confused Sasquatch

A listener writes “I’m from the Bath, NY area and in the late Fall of 2012 I got up about 2-3am to go outside and have a smoke. About 100-120 yard from me by a home next to a thick hedgerow I seen what I thought at first was a person as it caught my attention.

Now the land rose and fell between us so I could not see the legs very well. As I watched it (Person I thought) it was pacing back and forth in an erratic manner???? Then it really got my attention because of the way it seemed to be gliding across the ground (I could not see its legs too good).

Now as you know what I did in military (real world missions) most things don’t scare me. All of a sudden when I was watching this thing I felt this fear and the hairs stood up on my neck. It DID NOT MOVE LIKE A PERSON?? It was brownish in color and that distance at night I only seen a different color around its face to a point.

I watched it with this fearful feeling and actually wanted to yell at it but I didn’t want to wake people up (I can I also didn’t want this whatever to zero in on me. I believe it still may have been out there when I came back in and remember telling my wife sleeping that something weird was out there. I forgot all about it until I seen that supposed boy scout video that was circulating online and it hit me. This thing was pacing just like on that video. Now I always believed in BF from my native American friends and Gimlin film but that thing spooked me and I don’t get spooked easily. There is more to it…the way its arms moved and the feeling that it was undecided if it wanted to go by that home or not WEIRD. There’s more to this, too much to type.”

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