Nov 8

I Was Looking At This Creature

A listener writes “In December of 2017 I saw a being from my back porch. I have told no one but my husband and I only told him because I wanted to protect him, make him aware to be on guard.

And then I didn’t even tell him exactly what I saw, just to be careful because I saw a shadow of a huge animal about 150 feet from our house. My mind was overwhelmed and for a long time I called it a shadow but, in reality it was the creature I was looking at. It doesn’t feel right to call it a Sasquatch or a bigfoot, It looked and felt way to ominous to be just an undiscovered hairy hominid.

It was early December, possibly late November, around 7:30 pm, dark outside except for an exceptionally bright moon, they mentioned the bright moon on the news earlier and that was the only way I would have seen it. My husband was going somewhere and I walked out talking to him as he was leaving, I glanced to the right and saw it and to this day I have no idea what I was saying at the time, I stopped talking and just stared. The next thing I remember is looking up at my husband and he was looking down at me like, well, go on, what is the matter with you? We talk about everything but, all I could do was say, be careful, I love you, have a good time. He looked at me funny and said ok. I watched him get in his truck and leave, to make sure he wasn’t out there and I couldn’t see it anymore, so I went inside and locked the door.

I could only see it from the bottom of his bicep up, a huge bicep, I kept focusing on that. Because the moon was shining on the white siding of a building next door. Here’s the thing that shuts me up, the siding was only on the second story of that building, above a garage door opening where, now abandoned, big trucks were stored. I am trembling now. Dear God, how tall does that make it? The shadow was the darkest black I have ever seen and the whole silhouette was that same color. The only movement was from side to side, like it was gliding on a skateboard. It had a protruding brow ridge and mouth and the nose was completely flat in between, it was a side view.

It was a crisp clean line around it, like no fur or hair. The muscles were incredible. I could clearly see them that far away. I ended up on a website, Sybilla Irwin, because no image looked like what I saw as I searched and I can’t stop shaking thinking of it, right on her opening page is a bluish picture of a creature seen in Ohio, Dear God, turn that thing sideways and that is what was 150 feet from my home. I am in Ohio, too. I drew a picture of it, ridiculous of course, I am no Sybilla Irwin, but, to give an idea of what I saw. I can try and send it to you, forgive my lack of tech ability.

I also had a strange encounter, with pictures and video of eye shine, of something tapping on the window at my mom’s house in the middle of the night, but, I am drained from my first story.”

6 Responses to “I Was Looking At This Creature”

  1. theresa m

    I definitely would not have let my husband leave me alone and I would have told him to turn his head and look! I wouldn’t have been able to sleep knowing my husband would be coming home later and might run into this thing.

  2. Karen C

    I know it’s mind blowing when you are in the creatures presence but I agree with Theresa, I would of told my husband got in the truck an went with him that night…Never would I have stayed at home by myself…trust your eyes and stay safe please, we want to hear more and Thank You for your story we know its hard to talk about it…

  3. Amy H

    Ya know, something weird happens to you when you’re faced with a dangerous or unknown creature. I can attest to it. Once, a shark swam under my surf board, and as stupid as it sounds, I thought, I can’t tell my husband. WTF.. why I thought that, I’ll never know. The times I’ve heard Sasquatch at night around our tent, I didn’t want to wake him. WTF.. I still don’t know why I felt that way. He’s a scientist for Christ sakes! Of course I tell him well afterwards but maybe I don’t because I don’t want him to get scared? Who knows… but she’s not alone…. I’m similar.

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