Nov 19

Tonight’s Show: Sasquatch Saved My Life

Blue writes “I just recently came across your podcast and after hearing how open you are to hearing true stories about encounters I felt the need to reach out and tell my story.

I’ve never told anyone this story in my entire life I’m 44 now and this encounter happened when I was 10. I never thought anyone would ever believe me so I just kept it to myself all these years but I’d love to get this off my chest.

So my family had a large chunk of land in upstate NY when I was growing up and one day in early fall my younger brother and myself were out playing climbing trees in one of our lower grazing fields for our horses. The trees had started changing colors but the leaves had not really stated falling yet so you couldn’t see very far through the dense forest. I climber a very tall old oak tree and was trying to get as high as possible to try and see if I could see to the adjacent field and as I got higher the wind was getting very strong and blowing the branches around pretty good, I’d say the sway was about 2 feet either way so like 4 foot in total movement. It was really dumb and I started getting scared and was going to start coming down when I slipped and came tumbling down getting stuck in a crook of a limb about 10 feet still off the ground.

I broke my back when I hit the branch and started screaming and crying instantly yelling for my mom and my brother who was watching from the ground under the tree took off running to the house to get her. I remember screaming for what seemed forever and eventually heard some foot steps coming and assumed it was my mom or step dad but I couldn’t see because I was stuck facing the tree trunk and couldn’t turn around. Next thing I know I see a large harry hand that looked like a gorillas hand grab me by the shoulder. When It did this the pain that shot through my body was so intense I actually passed out and when I woke up my mother was sitting over me telling me an ambulance was coming to get me and just sit still.

To my surprise I was on the ground and propped up against the trunk of the tree, my mother had told me that’s how she found me when my brother had led her to me. I believe my crying had attracted it and maybe it was watching us the entire time I don’t know but it definitely lifted me out of the crook and laid me gently against the tree luckily, cause my mom would never have been able to do it herself. I probably would have been stuck there for quite a while and the fire department probably would have had to cut the branch to get me out. I was able to make a full recovery after a spinal fusion and we eventually built a dirt bike track in that lower field about 4 years later. One day while riding the track I decided to ride the track backwards out of boredom from riding the same track everyday and coming around the corner from the long straightaway I saw it standing next to a big tree watching me and when I locked eyes with it it simply stepped behind the tree and disappeared.

I believe that sasquatch used to enjoy watching my brother and I play and watched out for us over the years until we grew up and moved out of that area.”

I will also be speaking to Caleb. Caleb writes “I am a 22 year old from currently living just outside Dayton Ohio. I’ve started to listen to your show about a year ago and I think it’s time I tell my encounter to someone other than my close friends and family. In June of 2016, my friend and I had just finished our junior year of high school and wanted to do a lot more fishing than we usually did. We found a nice size pond that neither of us had ever fished before in the south side of Sycamore State Park, just 15 minutes west of Dayton. We got to the parking lot around 6:00 PM and saw that the reservable shelter on top of the hill had a wedding reception going on. We had to pass it to get down to the pond so we congratulated them and continued down to the pond. Once we got to the bottom, we started fishing for panfish(crappie/bluegill). We weren’t catching anything sizable so we decided to try catfishing on the bottom. We caught a few small bluegill and cut them up into chunks. Almost immediately we got a catfish. We kept getting bites so we decided to stay well after sunset.

The park closed at 11:00PM so we started to pack up around 10:45 back up the hill. As we were walking up the wooded stairs toward the hill, we started talking about a particular movie, he’d never seen before. We kept talking until we got closer to the hill. We startled to struggle carrying everything up the stairs as we had our phone flashlights in one hand and fishing gear in the other. As we turned the corner, we heard a pop can hit the ground by the shelter house. We both turned our heads and saw something hanging over the trashcan. Thinking it was a raccoon, I remember yelling “Hey ole boy, get out of here” real loud. Right after I said that, this thing straighten up really quickly. We could see from shelters light the lower half of this thing. The top of the trashcan was only about to this things groin region. It stared at us only for a second before swinging its arm around and walking into the brush. Alarmed, we both fast walked into my car a sped off.

I hunt that park pretty heavily in the fall/winter and have never experienced anything odd or out of the ordinary before. I will add thought that Sycamore State Park is about 1,500 acres of mostly hardwood forest/brushland. The park has 9 sections to it, all divided by roads cutting through. Out of the 9 sections of park, 7 are open for hunting, 2 are not. The area with the shelter and pond, are not open to hunting. I wonder now if the reason I’ve never had an experience in the other parts is because these creatures may have figured out the protected parts of the park.”

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  1. John M

    Hi All,Enjoyed hearing this one.As a Upstate New Yorker myself, I can tell you,They Are Real,And They Are Here! I must confess,He had a lucky encounter,and didn’t be a New Story on Missing 411 !!! Be careful here in N.Y. with them,they Will Drive you Out of Their Woods!!

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