Nov 18

Bigfoot & Cryptids: Robert Kryder

The She-Squatchers writes “We welcome Robert Kryder to the show. Currently living in New Mexico, Robert Kryder has spent most of his life in the Southwest regions of the country as an adventurer / explorer specializing in research and recovery projects of various forms including ancient treasures & mines, above and below ground megalithic sites, gems & minerals, dinosaurs & forensic evidence of cryptids.

Extensive bigfoot research studies include working with Oxford University London, the Museum of Zoology Luzzane Switzerland and the University of New Mexico Gallup where he presented the results of a year long Bigfoot field study conducted to the university faculty and public. Robert is also a designer and builder of custom equipment specially suited for tactical op’s and paranormal research such as the KXPD3 Parabolic Microphone featured on the popular Travel Channels TV show, Expedtion Bigfoot.

Mr. Kryder has been featured on various news broadcasts and radio shows including Art Bell’s Coast to Coast Midnight in the Desert.

He has been approached numerous times by production companies seeking to do a TV show, but as of yet has passed up all offers awaiting a non-scripted authentic production. Instead, Robert has focused his disclosure efforts through interviews, social media, You Tube productions, special presentations and conferences. With his latest public forum as a key speaker at the Michigan Bigfoot Conference.

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