Mar 21

Tonight’s Show: I Think It Was Watching Us Kids

Dave writes “I have had two encoutners, my first encounter was in the 90s my brother and I would go stay part of the summer at our grandma’s house north of cohasset MN.

My cousins lived about a 1/8 mile down the road we spent the summer in the woods four-wheeling fort building camping fishing riding bikes and about everything else that went along with living in the country in them days it happened right at sundown we were all riding our bikes and we would always look for cars before leaving the driveway and riding on the tar that’s when we noticed this giant hair covered bipedal being run away from our direction we all just stood there in shock really not knowing what we were all looking at.

I don’t remember how long we looked at it and then a car turned on the road and once that car turn down the road it ran into the brush in the woods and then once the car passed it came back on the ditch and continued on that route heading west and then another car turned on that road and it ran in the woods and then came back out but that car tapped its brakes in that area like it had seen it and then it continued down probably a total distance from us there was within the eighth Mile and then it turned and went north on a logging road we never seen it again and also is really weird is we seen like a shooting star but it almost looked like it went like backwards from where we were later on in life we told our grandma and she didn’t really believe us which is understandable but we definitely know now what we had seen

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