Feb 11

Tonight’s Show: I shot it!

Tonight I will speak to Clint who had an encounter with Sasquatch and ended up shooting the creature. I will also be speaking to Charlie Raymond is the founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization and he will be coming on and sharing encounters he has investigated in Kentucky.

Clint writes “I put a 7mag round threw ones knee so it couldn’t get to me because I was afraid I couldn’t put enough rounds in it to get it down before it got to me, and there was another communicating so I knew if I killed it there would be no reason for the second to try and help it and would turn all its attention to me instead of its partner.”

He was hunting and was up in a tree stand. As the sun was coming up the witness reports: “I felt like I was being watched from this one area. As I continue staring in this one direction this huge arm came from around a tree and half of this creatures body was sticking out. It appeared to be communicating with another one. They were going back and forth..”

The short version of what happen is the witness shot the creature right above the knee. He was trying to wound the creature and not kill it because he could not see the other one. The witness says “I was terrified I didn’t think I was going to make it out of there and when I shot it,this thing let out a scream that shook me. The creature left after I fired. I came back and got the bullet that was lodged in the tree were the creature was. There was blood and hair. I collected everything and now I am not sure what to do with it.”

10 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: I shot it!”

  1. Avis B

    Men in black will be all over this stay safe Clint keep an eye on the back of your head.. Going to love hearing your encounter… Thank you for coming and telling all .. it will let other people know what to watch for and get it off your chest .. and warning to anybody hunting what they can do to get out safe .. Take one day at a time things will get better

  2. Linda P

    Who knows if he was dealing with anything like the honobia siege then he probably had to shoot..not every squatch likes to play nice

  3. Karen C

    We have to hear the full story, if it was coming for him YES Shoot first…then get your butt out of there! Anytime your in danger take care of number 1.

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