Feb 11

SC EP:405 I shot it!

Tonight I will speak to Clint who had an encounter with Sasquatch and ended up shooting the creature. I will also be speaking to Charlie Raymond is the founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization and he will be coming on and sharing encounters he has investigated in Kentucky. Russell Acord from the International Bigfoot Conference.

Clint writes “I put a 7mag round threw ones knee so it couldn’t get to me because I was afraid I couldn’t put enough rounds in it to get it down before it got to me, and there was another communicating so I knew if I killed it there would be no reason for the second to try and help it and would turn all its attention to me instead of its partner.”

He was hunting and was up in a tree stand. As the sun was coming up the witness reports: “I felt like I was being watched from this one area. As I continue staring in this one direction this huge arm came from around a tree and half of this creatures body was sticking out. It appeared to be communicating with another one. They were going back and forth..”

The short version of what happen is the witness shot the creature right above the knee. He was trying to wound the creature and not kill it because he could not see the other one. The witness says “I was terrified I didn’t think I was going to make it out of there and when I shot it,this thing let out a scream that shook me. The creature left after I fired. I came back and got the bullet that was lodged in the tree were the creature was. There was blood and hair. I collected everything and now I am not sure what to do with it.”

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60 Responses to “SC EP:405 I shot it!”

    • F S

      Okay – I can’t take any more of this hair-brained scheme to somehow monetize a film (documentary) of the retelling of an event that took place 50 years ago, and has been openly discussed for all of that time.
      How do I know this is a dud? Simple – name me 10 other people who earn a living doing it. How about 5 … or 3 … or 1?
      The answer to “How to Market Bob Gimlin” is stairing you all in the face.

    • Mitchell K

      Yes both guests were fantastic Thanks for sharing Clint I could tell you were nervous but you did a great job of telling what happened it takes balls man thank you. Ps. You should tell your father the truth. Especially if he is going to be hanging around that area

      • Raymond N

        Clint, I think your decision not to kill it but wound it was your only option. Thanks for sharing, who knows how many hunters that hear this testimony just might help them if they run into one. Good job!

  1. ohkyhiker

    Thanks Wes and guests!
    And thank you very much Charlie for your group and especially your sightings reports. Goodnight from Cincinnati!

  2. Dwayne K

    The best way I can explain Clint’s tone during this interview is trauma, fear and all things that no man should have to endure. Wes you hit the nail on the head, we think that we are the apex, it’s a very difficult pill to swallow when we find ourselves in a situation that we are not the apex predator, especially when alone and in direct threat of being attacked.

    We all experience trauma in one way or another, Clint, I am shocked at your storey specifically, hang in there, time may not fix it all, but it sure fixes a lot of the trauma, just never forget it, it kept you alive. Share it with your family, share it with those close to you on that land the words you tell them may save their lives if they are ever in that situation on the land.

    We may not have bigfoot out in S.Africa, but we sure as heck have a fair share on fear, go in larger groups for a while, it will help you get back into the bush. Wild animals think twice about attacking groups of humans… but if you are by yourself all alone, there is hell to pay, and let’s be honest, of all Wes’ interviews, until SQ is identified and we know what it is…. if it ain’t a human, its a wild animal, treat it as such.

  3. Reed D

    I was doing laundry, but now im sitting at the reloading bench…. how appropriate ; )

    Thanks Wes! God bless you a whole big bunch!
    BTW, last night, when you said the lady told you, “they don’t like you”, well they didnt like you because you are a bad person. Its just the reverse, they know you have a good heart and the spirit of light and truth residing within you. Keep going with the Truth, Wes, and you can’t go wrong.

    Reed D.

  4. m99

    Wow. Bless you Clint. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Wes and his audience at SC. ///

    Protecting them? Let’s see, the laws do not admit they are out there, the National Forests don’t want you to take protection, and people are considered ‘kooky’ when they talk about them. Sorry, but who is protecting us? No offense though. How about the ‘powers that be’ ADMIT these creatures are out there? A little heads up government reps, please! ///

    Yeah Bob Gimlin. Love that guy. Thanks for documenting his story. People are just jealous of Russell. Bah Hum Bug! Greedy people can’t understand generous, real, loving people. /// I hate Frincking Facebook I think of it as Phony Book, or Surveillance Book. Anyway, Bless you all.

  5. Karen C

    Clint, hang in there you’ll eventually get over your horrible encounter. It’s going to take a little more time, so keep listening to Sasquatch Chronicles to stay strong, were sending our support to you and pray for your fast healing….

  6. Sue X

    Great show as always Wes!
    Clint-as everyone’s telling ya-just hang in there and time does help. Eventually you’ll be able to hit the woods again and do what you enjoy.

  7. Conrad M

    Thanks for sharing your story Clint. Think you probably did the right thing, would have done exact same thing if I were you. The more people share such experiences, the more awareness about this topic will Permeate society. Your story could make it safer for some outdoors people in the present but the support it gives others who have lived quietly with similar experiences can’t be measured. Hope the bad memories fade with time, thanks again.

  8. Pat T

    Great show Wes, Clint, your encounter was very believable. You did a fantastic job of sharing your experience, right to the point, no hesitation with awesome descriptions. If I wanted to bring a new believer on board I’d steer him or her right to your story.

  9. Calvin J

    This is essentially Mike Wooley’s encounter from EP 260. The ONLY THINGS different is that Clint’s bigfoot May have been in the tree before sunrise and he claims he shot it. Both encounters occurred while in a deer stand hunting. Both involved a Bigfoot hiding behind trees and staring at the hunter for extended periods of time. Both involved the hunter witnessing the creature make an incredibly long leap from one tree to another. Both involved a second Sasquatch approaching. I am not saying Clint’s encounter is not true. I AM saying that it is very similar concerning key components.

  10. Mary H

    Thanks Wes for another quality show. Bless you Clint. You were a great guest and told your story so well. I felt like I was right there with you.
    Wes maybe you could get Clint and Mike Wooley to call each other, their accounts are similar and it might help Clint to talk to someone who has been in his place. Just an idea.

  11. issac a

    Great show Wes this is one of my favorite encounters that I’ve heard. The story was Terrifying and all im thinking about now is his dad because he’s still going out there alone. I think he did a good thing shooting it in the leg glad it worked out for him. stay safe. Prayers. shout out from San Antonio Texas love your show bro. ?

  12. Sid N

    Bravo Clint, it took courage to do all you’ve done! Getting out of the situation while hunting took courage and you acted with the rationale that kept you alive. Never apologize for shooting an animal that obviously intended on preying upon you. I would encourage you to tell your Dad what really happened to you in October, the worst that could happen is he doesn’t believe you, but you will have planted the possibility which could save his life if confronted. It may close the circle in understanding why the prior hunters gave up the property so cheaply. My own children and grandchildren ridicule me for my knowledge of Sasquatch. I stand by my convictions and let them do as they wish. But they may recall what I’ve said at some point when it could be crucial to their survival, I can handle that. Your encounter reminded me of the witness story, I believe it was Louisana or Mississippi, whose vocal Wes includes in the opening of the show, when he says “it looked like it wanted to kill me.” I can’t think of the gentleman’s name. He was in good physical shape at the time, but two of these creatures gave chase when he jumped from his tree stand. And as I recall he fired on one of them also, which saved his life. There’s more of us “knowers” than you may realize. Thanks for relaying your initiation into the “knowers club!”

  13. Debbie C

    Hello Clint,
    I believe you with all my heart.
    If you can, have your parents
    listen to this episode.
    If that doesn’t work, talk to them.
    They really need to know what took place.
    Relax, stay away from hunting for as long
    as it takes for you to feel better.
    No, you are not a weak man, you have witness
    what many have never seen for themselves.
    All the best to you:)

    Hello Charlie,
    Love listening to all your stories:)
    Will check out your website too!

    Hello Russell,
    Thanks for all the information you
    have shared:)

    Great job Wes!

  14. Trent M

    Clint, Thanks for coming forward, I could hear it in your voice that it wasn’t easy but you may end up saving someone by telling your story. I also agree with those that say tell your dad, especially since he goes there alone a lot. Some of these creatures have been known to hold a grudge and that may be why they stayed and stared at you rather than moving on. I would also like to know what the previous owner knew about these creatures.
    As far as the 2nd guest wanting to protect habitat, what does that consist of? Are we going to close off Federal or State land for them or do you want to tell folks what they can and can’t do with their own private property if these things happen to live on or near their property? These are things I’d have to know before I supported ANY protections for these beings.

  15. Doug K

    Wes, you always deliver great programs each week.!! I hope that some day Clint will be back in the woods hunting again. Thanks for sharing your story Clint.! YEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!

  16. Cynthia W

    I believe I heard Conbo & Bear talk about a family that was killed at LBL. One of them knew a park ranger or officer that worked in that area that told them about the family being killed. The family was the only one at this RV site.

  17. Richard S

    Cynthia is spot on with the LBL occurrence (its either in a coonbo/bear interview or a savin interview), entire family was killed by a huge dogman that was tracked down. the theory was this creature was walking down the shore and became irritated by cologne and perfume aroma, sought out the source and killed entire family, as i remember the little girl’s body was found in a tree. upon discovery of the gruesome sight the authroities initiated huge man hunt, secured the park and tracked the creature down in a cave where they killed it. i believe there is at least one maybe two more occurrences where human remains where found in trees in the LBL.
    while the non-sasquatch content is interesting Wes my interest is spiked by the sasquatch encounters dude, thanks for quenching my thirst! Clint’s interview is AWESOME!

  18. Forrest W

    Clint, I was initially not in agreement, but thinking through it, you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing. Bravo, you are alive to tell the story, which may be, in fact, the reason you are here, to educate your family and the rest of us.

    Wes, thank you for what you do and the new insight.

  19. Simon P

    Can anyone tell me what is special about a 7 mag round?

    I’m from one of those socialist countries where there are gun laws so know zip about guns and ammo.

    • John G

      I’ve never actually heard it called 7 Mag before. I’ve heard people call a 7mm magnum or there’s another round called 7mm Win Mag. And there’s a new one called the Remington 7mm magnum. As well as the old 7mm Mauser. I’m not sure which one he is using but I would have to assume it’s the 7mm magnum and not the Win Mag had he been using a Win Mag he would have had an entire leg to give West for DNA testing

  20. John G

    Clint said that he was in a 16 foot tree stand shooting down at a six foot seven foot creature. He hit in the leg and said that the bullet was lodged in the tree behind it at waist height. It sounds like it must have hip bone and shot back up in the air otherwise it sounds like the round would have had the dirt four or five feet behind the creature head even shooting from that angle. Even if there’s 50 yards between the two of them that would still be a heavy angle

  21. Cody M

    Your so awesome Wes!! What a way to put it”I feel sorry for those people who post negative comments”! Wes your so down to Earth, it’s not worth getting upset, it just sucks to be those people.I know you would be wicked to be friends with!!
    Yur fan,
    Erin and Cody Melien

  22. Matt W

    I have a few thoughts, most i will keep to myself…. first, FS, monetizing Gimlin; seems like that guy he is always with has become more of a marketing agent. Then again I only hear whats on air. I have to agree with you, but maybe its time he did make some off of his film.
    Clint, tell your dad. You did not make friends that day. They will probably become more agressive now. no point in second guessing an action already complete. Damage control now. Good luck!

  23. Barbara W

    Wes, I was relistening to your interviews with Dallas, specifically episode 387. You were discussing the lost tribes connection to native Americans. I hope you’ll check out Joseph Amahura Riverwind on Facebook. He has done much study into the issue. It is fascinating! I know if you’re not familiar with him, this is somebody who might be of interest to you.

  24. David C

    Wow, Clint’s encounter made the hair on my neck stand up… Terrifying. Reminiscent of the Mike Wooley encounter in Louisiana. Great show Wes. Thanks !

  25. Cathleen H

    We speak of Cops and Judges telling of the encounter they had. Pres. Jimmy Carter saw a UFO. The Gov. did not go, “Ok, you got us. Here’s the truth. Nop, our Gov. will not be truthful. How about Canada? They would be honest.

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