Jun 24

Tonight’s Show: Encounter Near Monkey Face Peak

Tonight I will be speaking with Brian and Camilla. Brian writes “In 1976 September I had always struggled in school and was a hell raiser.

My father was a very successful boat builder and was a very hard guy to get along with as I was. A friend and I decided to take off and go to Evergreen Colorado were we knew a family that lived 6 miles west of Evergreen up in the Mountains and Monkey Mountain. I always thought that it was called Monkey Mountain because of how it’s rock face is shaped like a monkey! The family let us stay in a cabin they had with outdoor water and plumping and a wood burning fireplace. Many nights of smoking and drinking beer as we both worked at a bar in Evergreen.

Bar backs really because we were only 17&18. One late night coming home from work driving the road home, as I said 6 miles up to the cabin. My friend Darrell was driving and I looking ahead of us saw this massive thing step into the road and stop a look at us. As you know driving these types of roads you don’t speed a mountain on one side and a large stream running fast on the other. The stream had to be 70 feet across. This thing let out a roar or a growl let felt like it shook the car you could feel it in your chest inside the car and we were probably 40 ft from it when we stopped. My friend and I just stared with the lights really reaching its chest we could not see its face very well at all and it was covered in dark jet black hair and I would guess seven and a half feet tall. And my buddy says it’s an elk to be honest I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t an elk. Not at 2:00 in the morning in the middle of nowhere. Anyhow it turned to its right and went down the embankment toward the stream which had to be a 50 ft 45° angle and we watched as far as it would go which was possibly to the other side of this 70 ft stream and was gone into the woods and maybe four or five seconds we were awestruck. My friend and I who I have known for 50 years we have not spoke about it since that night and shortly after I left came back home and joined the Navy he moved and lives in Texas now and we talk now and then but we don’t talk about that. Lot of water over the bridge since then so to speak.

I just recently started listening to your podcast after listening to so many others that seem pretty hokey. Actually I have to listen to them on YouTube because of my money situation I don’t get very much from the service I can’t afford to do the podcast or subscribe I don’t have the money but I try to listen to all your new ones and and I felt like it was time that maybe I said something. I want to thank you for a platform where people can talk about it it’s something I’ll never forget but I never talk about it either it really messes with my PTSD from the service and my life in general so it’s just something else I don’t speak about until now so thank you.”

I am currently working on getting a different player. Seems like YouTube and the App do not get along.

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  1. Linda B

    Oh my gosh, Wes. 🙂 I LIVED 6 MILES WEST OF EVERGREEN 2018-2020 on Floyd Hill, coukd you ask him if it was bear there? Right on I70 before you get to Idaho Springs. Does Brian know Bill Rickert who is a bar keep in Evergreen (friend of mine)? Does he know me? Linda from Evergreen National Bank. Wes, after leaving Evergreen I will never be the same. Sorry to be so personal here. I loved it. Just talked via text to my bank friends tonight. Would appreciate your asking him since he isn’t a member. Thanks. Wow.

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