Jun 24

ThinkerThunker: “Scientific Proof of Bigfoot is HERE!”

ThinkerThunker says the scientific proof of Bigfoot is here. Do you agree with him? ThinkerThunker writes “The Bigfoot debate is over. I’m presenting scientific proof that big, furry Giants exist.

This is the first time I’ve ever said that publicly — that Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Forest Giants do in fact exist!

Share this video with your “non-believing” friends, educate them, see if they can prove me wrong. (They can’t.)”

12 Responses to “ThinkerThunker: “Scientific Proof of Bigfoot is HERE!””

  1. Charles R

    I think TT should submit this to the History Channel Show The Proof is Out There. They do use some pretty good experts that can analyze this and give their thoughts. I like it.

  2. Knobby

    Those studying their proportions compared to ours is not new. Others like MK Davis, Bill Munns, etc., have noted these and other things that cast sasquatch physiology as being different than ours. Thinker thunker needs to revise some of his understanding of bigfoot proportions. Others who have studied the limbs note that both the upper arm and upper leg are longer than the lower arm below the elbow and the lower leg below the knee. TT said they were equal. Other things TT should note is sasquatches have a proportionately longer torso.

    Also, the figures TT came up with are different from others who have made measurements, that Patty’s arms are 5% shorter than her legs (not equal), which is still disproportionate from our limb ratios.

    Special effects expert Bill Munns who makes monster suits for the film industry notes that he could not make a suit like Patty from the P/G film. He notes it is impossible to created a head piece the way the forehead slopes back above the eyes on Patty. But he notes that although rare, there are people whose limb lengths would compare to Patty. People with shorter legs, long torso and arms. But he notes you would have to find some of those rare individuals to fit in the Patty suit. So, maybe TT doesn’t have the most sure slam dunk, although I have to agree with him that their body ratios is good evidence that they are not us (or someone in a suit).

    I disagree with how Thinker Thunker ripped DNA analysis. Now, there alleged DNA has been tested by a number of different people, and it comes up human. Although those rudimentary tests to determine species only look at the mtDNA to determine species, and there is no sasquatch sample in GenBank to determine a different species of human. According to Dr. Ketchum you need to sequence all the DNA, not just do a comparison to determine species, to see the differences, which she says is found in the nuDNA. I have to believe that a very thorough study of sasquatch DNA will show the differences. Ketchum says its a hybrid, having interbred with Homo sapiens.

    This article also looks at sasquatch limb ratios compared to ours.


  3. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I too have always enjoyed TT ‘s work, and appreciate the time and effort he puts in. However, I do not believe this exercise gives definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence. It is very interesting, but to satisfy scientists, I would think the test would have to use more scientifically controlled conditions. You have subjects being measured in different lighting, using different cameras, under different circumstances Regardless, I have a totally different take on the subject of Bigfoot. I for one, am convinced beyond question that Bigfoot does in fact exist. I believe he/she is a relic hominid with incredible abilities and intelligence. That is my guess, but exactly what Bigfoot are, is open to debate. Among the things that convince me are The Patterson Gimlin film, The Freeman footage, and several other excellent videos. However, for me the real proof is the Thousands of first hand encounters told for many centuries, including the Native Tribes and countless others. I feel that about 5% are hoaxes , and the rest are real, What I find Extremely Disappointing is that this Topic is still discussed on SC. When I first found this site, I was ecstatic to find a place of like minded people who shared my interest in Sasquatch, without questioning their actual existence. However, I have nothing but respect for all SC members, and i certainly Respect their opinions.

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