May 2

Tonight’s Show: A Scientist Shares Encounters

Tonight I will be speaking to John and Kevin. John said “I am a scientist and have been for many years. As you can imagine in my line of work we do not talk about Sasquatch. I had a couple of encounters back in the 70’s.

One of my encounters was very strange. I was staying over with a friend and his family lived way out in the country in California. We were sleeping in his tree house one night. I woke up to this thing looking at me through the window. I did not know what it was.

I laid there in shock. This creature had entered the tree house and urinated on me. Soon after that it ran off. I thought it was a nightmare but it wasn’t. After this encounter, I heard the parents talking in private about the creature being back.

What does a scientist think Sasquatch is?


I will also be speaking to Kevin, Kevin had one of the strangest light encounters I have ever heard. Prior to seeing the light Kevin describes strange activity around his tent.

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    • Steven B

      Can anyone tell me what episode has a guy seeing some small hairy squatches and then later is attacked by pyramid ufo? Cant get any moderators to reply. Did they pull episode? Ive heard it once but cant find now

  1. FearTheReaper

    I swear I am so bummed Sunday night because I have to go back to work on Monday but then I realize that its Sunday night and I get a new members episode of the greatest damn podcast around!! RockSteady BeBop!!!!!

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