May 1

Different Types of Human Species | Explained

HALABELLA writes “When we say humans, most people think that we are the only ones or the only species that have ever walked this earth. But the truth is that we are not the only human species to have lived. We are just the human species that survived. Hence, we can call ourselves the surviving species.

There are around 14 human species that have lived before us. All these have varying features but there are some characteristics that they have left behind in us. Check them out.”


Check out the most mysterious extinct human species! From prehistoric neanderthal fossils to ancient ancestor dna, here is a top 10 list of strange mysteries explaining human evolution!

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  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) It always amazes me that archaeologists and researchers are able to conclude so much about dinosaurs, humans , animals, etc. from small fossil fragments they find!! It’s especially remarkable with human species. For example, “this species lived 1.7 million years ago in Asia, had average intelligence, enjoyed eating fish and other seafood, had sex twice a day, were good swimmers,and enjoyed arm wrestling.” !! ?? I think I’ll stick with Bigfoot.

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