Jan 31

Tonight at 6pm PST

Give us a call at 646-716-8791. We are going to try the call in show from Thursday. I’m broadcasting live on the air at 6pm PST! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/7313297

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  1. Tyler D

    I’ve always wondered if these animals ever stop growing? And what the life span is for these animals? It seems that they have a rather long life span. If there’s possible inbreeding issues with these groups? N possibly that accounts for some of their aggression issues? And possibly looking like they have mental retardation?

    • Roger G

      Difficult to say if they “stop growing” or just continue given how little we, the public, know about them. As for their aggressive disposition we can look back to the native people of North America and listen to their account of these creatures. Seems pretty clear to me that they have always been this way. Inbreeding and retardation is a very high probability given that there don’t seem to be that many around, like deer for example. I am sure there are enough alive and kicking to continue to make their presence known but again difficult to say just how many.

  2. jamie smith

    I wonder if it’s how you approach an area determines how you are judged by these creatures , so if you enter showing a gun you are instantly considered dangerous ??? Do they get upset because we are interrupting their hunting areas because where I go they just sit and watch us , probably wondering why these hairless ones are cooking a BBQ. Dinner in there area so late at night, that’s all we do to get their attention, I have yelled out once and that only made them stay away so I think that yelling , screaming out and trying to trick them by setting up camera’s only annoys them , it took nearly 2 months before we got any activity and it was only a glimpse of eye shine after about 4 hours of waiting .

  3. andrew S

    What is going on? I am very confused right now. So again Thursday nights show didn’t happen again last night? But wait I just saw a post from Wes G saying he was gonna post the show this morning, is he not posting it now or are you guys just going to play it for tonight’s Sunday night show??? Can someone let me know what in the name of Bigfoots slippers going on??

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