Nov 26

Tomorrow Night’s Show: Sighting Of Bizarre Animal

I am moving tonight’s show for the members to tomorrow night. I want to include another guest into the show who ran into one of these creatures on Mount St. Helen’s.

A listener writes “My name is Ken, and I am a huge fan of your show. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA, but I’ve lived in Georgia with my girlfriend Amber for the last 5 years. Since I’ve been here I have had a few weird things happen, but last night might have been the weirdest.

Let me first say that I have always been a believer in Sasquatch and other paranormal phenomenon. Amber has always believed in the supernatural, but she didn’t believe in Bigfoot at all. When she was a girl scout back in 1987, they used to camp on an island called Rose Dhu Island in Savannah. She would have been 9 at that time. She told me when they would camp out at night they would be in their tents and each night they would hear someone quietly splashing through the swamp and walk up to their tents and start sniffing the air. The girls would be to scared to look out the tent because they thought it was a ghost. It wasn’t until Amber and I had an odd occurrence on Skidaway Island that she thought the ghost may have been a Sasquatch. There are a lot of fairly big alligators in those swamps, so I doubt a person would have been dumb enough to walk through that swamp.

On Memorial day 2015, we went for a walk through Skidaway Island State Park. It was a warm day and there weren’t any people in the section we were walking through. When I got out of the car I got this feeling someone was watching me. When I looked into the woods I heard a noise that sounded like a person with a very deep and raspy voice was trying to imitate a cow. It went “muuuuuuu, muuuuuuuu” twice and then everything was quiet. We thought this was strange because the closest cows were 5 miles away and this sounded like a creepy imitation of a cow. As we walked on the trail I kept getting the eerie feeling someone was paralleling us in the woods to our right, but I couldn’t see anyone. We came upon a sapling that was about 8 in in diameter that had been twisted and snapped so that it blocked the path. At this point I’m thinking some idiot is trying to be funny so I moved the broken limb off the path. At this point the whole atmosphere changed and everything went super quiet except for a rat snake that crawled in front of us and took off into the woods.

As soon as I moved the sapling a weird grunting noise started up in the swamp. I thought it was weird that a wild boar would be rolling in the swamp mud since alligators are common here. The noise sounded like a very deep boar’s grunt, or something close to it. Soon after this we both got a strange feeling of dread and being watched. The hair on our arms was standing straight up. I have never had such a weird feeling like this before. It was intense and was making me a little nauseous. We walked to the end of the trail and we started hearing weird noises that sounded like someone was smacking their shoulder with a wet hand. The smacks were in sets of 3. They were coming closer, but we didn’t hear anything moving at all. The only noise was the smacking sounds. At this point Amber, who thought Bigfoot was a joke, said something like “that’s Bigfoot, WTF!” I told her this was weird and I felt like we were in the Twilight Zone. I told her it must be some kind of animal, even though I thought it was Bigfoot too since her eyes started tearing up and she was scared. I picked up this huge broken limb and started yelling and I smashed a tree with it to scare away whatever this was. Right after I smashed the limb into pulp something snorted kind of like a pig and then grunted like an ape. It sounded like it was 10 ft behind us, but when we turned we couldn’t see anything. I knew it was time to go because this noise was a warning, and honestly it was scary as shit. We walked down the path with sticks in our hands and our heads down. When we got to the beginning of the trail another sapling was freshly broken and was placed in front of the trail, but it was not there when we first walked in. After we got past this trail that creepy feeling of dread and fear went away and all the regular animal noises were back. We smelled this horrible smell near a dirt mound that had a partial foot print that looked like someone dug their heel into the dirt and stepped over it. I was expecting to see a dead animal, but there was nothing their. I have never smelled anything worse than this. In Georgia there is a lot of road kill, but this was way worse. It smelled like someone mixed week old dead snake and deer together, urinated and dedicated on it, mixed that with the musky sweat of a gym looker, then through in an ammonia and skunky smell with some kind of indescribable sickening sweet odor. To this day I can remember what it smelled like. It was so pungent it got stuck in my sinuses for several hours after we left. Whatever this thing was that was trying to scare us disturbed me so bad that I could not go near any wooded areas for 6 months. We didn’t see anything, but I can’t think of anything else this’d could have been but a Sasquatch. As far as I know, this direct area had 1 recorded sighting in the mid 90’s.

Last year, when we lived in Savannah, we stayed at a friend name Jessica’s house because of a hurricane. This is only a few miles away from where we now live in Springfield, GA. One night Amber was outside smoking at 3:00 am when she said she heard a growling noise that sounded like Chewbacca, followed by a wood knock. Her friend Sarah lives a few streets away from us, and she has told us she too has heard wood knocks from the forest at night.

This all leads to the weird sighting we had last night. We were coming home from the supermarket at around 9:30 pm last night and were driving on Stillwell Road, which is the same area amber heard the wood knock from last year. This road has a creepy vibe and we always expect something to jump out on the road. Last night it happened, and we still can’t understand what we saw. On thee left of thee road is a field which I believe leads to a farm and then the woods. On the right of the road is nothing but thick woods. It seemed like something just appeared in the middle of the road out of nowhere and ran on all fours towards the woods, where it seemed tho just vanish before hitting the tree line. This thing was moving so fast and fluid that I just couldn’t believe it. The only thing that I have ever seen move faster was a cheetah. Not only was this thing fast, but it was fluid and it’s movement was nothing but graceful. We guessed it was about 5 ft long. It was 1 solid color, which was a dark brown similar to a moose’s fur. We saw it for about 3 seconds at a distance of between 100 and 50 ft, but neither of us can figure out what is was or how it seemed to appear out of thin air and vanish, unless it was moving so fast we didn’t get a chance to see where it came from or went. It was almost like seeing as ghost. I have seen strange things and lights in the sky, but this was just weird. Like I said, it was about 5 ft long, on all fours, was dark brown, the front “legs” seemed slightly longer than the back legs, there was no tail, no ears, no neck, no snout, had a thin waste, a ribcage slightly larger than the waist, no discernible facial features or eye shine, and ran like it was pushing off the group with it’s front legs. Amber said it moved like a rocking horse and reminded her of a lemur running, until I told her it looked to me like a stretched out sloth with long back legs that ran super fast while staying close to thee group. I just can’t figure out what this was Wes. I woke up at 3am Googling videos of animals running, but nothing matched. I am a logical person, but this was illogical and made no sense. Maybe you’ve heard of something similar? I am just confused and would have thought I hallucinated this event, but Amber saw the same thing. If you would like to talk about it feel free to give me a call.”

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  1. Eddie M

    I have lived in GA 61 years tomorrow and have seen so many wild hogs at one time I thought the ground was moving (reminded me of fiddler crabs at low tide on Jekyll Island). Hogs do have a snout and do have a tail. The “Russians” do have higher front end with a “Cape / Mullet” hair do. I just saw a 350 plus boar last weekend taking clients hunting. They can “fly” when they stretch out and run but, do not give that “rocky horse” affect. I have Woodboogers on this 2100 acres that’s on the Flint River 40 miles south of Elkins Creek Cast area on The Flint. A few years ago while turkey hunting in the Root Concave of a 300 year old oak I was approached from behind from 75 yards (it sounded like it did not care if I heard it) of something heavy and on two feet. When it arrived behind me on other side I’d 20′ diameter oak I could smell BO that was BO to the 20 field hands picking peaches in July GA sun power…Not rotting meat or skunk just very strong BO. “It” exhaled and sounded like a Belgian Draft Horse. Then Silence and No Smell at All! I was scared because I knew this animal was Huge…I sat on my dove bucket a long time trying to smell or hear this thing leave and heard nor smelled nothing … I thought this occurred between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. And I Did sit a while fearing it was right behind me…After a while I picked up my bucket and DD’d the area poste haste not looking back until I was 100′ from big oak…When I got to my truck 1/4 mile away it was 11:45 a.m. I did not think I sat “That Long” after the exhale. The TIME was the strangest part of this to me.. I thought I sat maybe 30 or 40 minutes at the most. It gave me the Willies after I saw what time it was.

    • Lora K

      That’s really bizarre, did you figure anything out since then like did you black out for the time you didn’t smell anything? I live in SoWeGa 23 miles above the FL line near Tally. I have five acres, mostly pasture but my property is surrounded by 110 acres of planted pines. I’ve had some weird occurrences but have imagined the origin of each as predators like bobcats and ball lightening. I’m very interested in hearing more of your experiences in your area since we’re just about neighbors. Holler at me.

  2. Kenneth M

    Funny My name is Ken and I relocated to GA as well. I am near the Chattahoochee River in Douglas County. An old timer near this area told me of an encounter he and a friend had near the river. jut a few miles away the BFRO has some interesting documented encounter with two brothers on a creek.

    GA seems to be a hot spot of reports – I’d expect one would have been shot in this state by now. I think everyone I know caries a gun in the woods.

  3. Brian L

    Watch Tri Diver’s Youtube breakdown of Juvenile Bigfoot Jumper. Sounds very similar to this account. Animal was moving so fast hard to make out. Plus it’s a good breakdown.

  4. John G

    On the sign u it says “We get a 1 hour show every sunday night” here it is ANOTHER sunday with no show. Then it goes on to say 2-3 other shows throughout the week. ………….????

  5. Mike H

    Great show!!! I lived in GA when I was a kid and I had several interesting experiences in the woods but Sasquatch was never on my mind. I used to get these intense feelings of paranoia and fear that would come over me out of nowhere sometimes while I was out in the woods exploring. I used to feel like something was watching me and when I got close enough to the edge near my house I would take off running like my life depended on it but afterwards I would just think maybe it was just my imagination taking over. Being that I had no ecplation of why I felt that way. Several times while walking through the woods at night to rendezvous with my friends at their campsites I would hear by pedal foot steps that would walk when I walked in when I stop to listen the footsteps would stop as well. I just shook it off as nocturnal animals such as possums and raccoons. On two occasions I had experienced what I thought at the time was someone hiding behind some bushes that I would see in my perifial vision. I was growing some marijuana plants deep in the woods and I got freaked out and thought it was the cops hiding and watching me. I never turned to look at the figure that was obviously attempting to hide in the bushes due to the fear of be busted by the cops. I didn’t want them to realize I saw them. I have no idea why anybody would be that deep in the woods trying to hide from me. The other time I heard bipedal foot steps creeping towards me one day deep in the woods and for some strange feeling I became very frightened and felt like I needed to leave. I basically grew up in the backwoods of Georgia and I felt very comfortable in the woods. Even at night I would walk for miles to reach I campsite sometimes past midnight that was at least a mile or two away. My last strange event happened not too far from my house in the woods while I was walking to go fishing. I was going through this hand cut trail that I made to reach my local Riverside bass fishing spot when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a rumbling deep guttural growl type noise that seem to be moving from the woods ahead of me. All of a sudden I could see and hear mid size trees starting to shake back and forth. It freaked me out pretty good so I turn back around and ran back home. When you have these types of experiences your mind goes into overdrive trying to make rationality of it all. The only thing I could come up with was that maybe it was someone with a 4wheeler that was riding through the woods and hitting small trees as they were trying to move through. When I think back to that it really doesn’t make much sense but that’s the only thing my mine to come up with at the time.

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