Nov 13

Tim “Coonbo” Baker and Jim “Bear” King

YouTuber UPARS writes “Come and hear some of their personal hair-raising encounters with these sometimes fearsome, dangerous, and vengeful creatures.

Hear how Bigfoot kill and seemingly dissect large animals. Learn about the different types of Bigfoot, their habitat, population, calls, and other vocalizations. Tim and Jim will share with you some of the physical evidence they’ve gathered over the years, as well as reports of disappearances, attacks, mutilations and murders of humans by Bigfoot, many received from law enforcement agencies. This is just the tip of the iceberg of their knowledge of Bigfoot and the riveting and often shocking info they want to share with you. Tim Baker, also known as “Coonbo” in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch community, was born and raised in Northwest Alabama near Muscle Shoals in the Tennessee River valley. Grew up, until the fifth grade, living on a 600 acre farm, which his family still owns.

Lived on the farm as an adult for five years and still often spends time there. Now living in Northern Missouri. Worked as a Government contractor, multi-discipline Engineer primarily for NASA and the US Army Missile Command. Also worked on Nuclear Power, Nuclear Propulsion, and Nuclear Weapons Systems. Worked in the Mission Control Center at Marshall Spaceflight Center on seven Space Shuttle Missions and was in Mission Control when the Challenger accident occurred. Held a Nuclear “Q” or Top Secret level security clearance for many years, and worked on several “black” projects. Have worked in private industry since late 1993, and am now the staff Electrical Engineer and a Maintenance Manager at a medium-sized university in Missouri. First encounter with the creature now known as Bigfoot was in 1958, at age 3. Actually saw one for the first time at age 4 outside his bedroom window. Since the 1970’s has researched and/or investigated Bigfoot, actually feet-on-the-ground in the boonies, in 38 states and one Canadian province. First clear sighting as an adult was in 1980. At one time, may have been the most widely travelled Bigfoot researcher in the world. Also, have researched and investigated the cryptid known as “Dogman” since 1984. Have been the first one to reveal, in public venues, several different aspects of Bigfoot behavior.

Has spoken on over 100 Blogtalk Radio and YouTube programs about his research, encounters and other Bigfoot related subjects. Has written many articles and/or posts about various aspects of Bigfoot behavior and/or research. Have taken hundreds of people into the boonies and taught them about Bigfoot. Jim King, known by his friends as “Bear”, had his first Bigfoot sighting in 1966. Not knowing what it was at the time, it wasn’t until 1972 that he became aware of “Bigfoot” and has been studying the subject ever since. He’s had numerous “booger” sightings as he calls them all across the South, and has enough stories to fill several books. “Bear” is a Mississippi Native who is currently living in Alabama……. Sightings, encounters, and speaking of various aspects of the “REAL” Flesh & Blood animal he calls Boogers, but the World knows as Bigfoot”

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  1. Mary H

    Agree with you guys so much. No matter how many people Bear could be around, he will still be the one in the room most impressed with himself. His picture says it all.

  2. Dovie D

    I like them both. I don’t think he realizes what he is doing. Maybe that is why they broke up. He seems really nice and is knowledgeable but I agree he does interrupt a lot. I really don’t think he realizes he does it I think he is at times being helpful. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I enjoy hearing their stories.

  3. thomas w

    ok so i cant find the story what caused the breakup. someone PLEASE explain. i really enjoy their work…but i enjoyed bob garrett too..

  4. Janet P

    Bear is Bear Is Bear. I like him but agree that he is constantly interrupting. He annoys me terribly but not as much as Will Jevning (sp). I too was wondering why Bear was even there. Glad he was though. I really was upset when they split due to their long time friendship. I enjoyed this presentation so much. Thanks so much for posting.

  5. Jan D

    Could never endure these two before this presentation. Before, these guys just came off like a couple of good-old-boy, back-porch bullshitters jawing off to no end. Outlaw Radio was insufferable–right in the middle of a witness telling his story, Coonbo or Bear would go off on these maundering tangents that were longer than the account itself. This presentation, however, was uncharacteristically engaging. The stories of their growing up on the farm with these boogers were great. A real window into the existence of these creatures and how they are regarded in the South. Told with a sort of of, eh, “southern charm.” Though, being a California boy, I’m not exactly sure what that means.

  6. Dovie D

    My father and his family are from Arkansas and I recall as a child traveling back there staying for a week or two. Hot oh my gosh hot! No air conditioning in the car traveling (years ago) and none in the home. My aunt Pauline or Ola or Nola would yell at us kids at dark “ get in the house! Those burgers are going to get ya!” Just like bear said. I use think think? “What the hell is she talkin about? “ looking back I know of several accounts a Sasquatch was close to us and the one time one came to my window as a kid and some came on our property etc. I’m sure that has happened to more people but we thought it something else. Thank you Wes

  7. William R

    Please don’t compare Bear to Jevning. I know Bear is rude and probably not aware of it. I think he somehow feels like he has to “compete” with Coonbo who’s essentially a rocket engineer! Jevning is an asshat who’s rude, ignorant, and trying to squeeze every penny he can by exploiting being Greene and Dahinden’s errand boy a few times. Even today, he has no boots on the ground info. Everything he has is pre 1990. I have zero respect for his kind. I have tremendous respect for Tim & Jim because, even after 40 years or so, they still go out in the field and have more knowledge about Sasquatch behavior and differences between species than anyone I’ve ever listened to. Just my. 02 Thanks for posting Wes!

    • Indignico

      I agree with this completely and let’s add one more thing thug makes Jevning the asshat that he is… when Wes was under attack by the cointelpro G-men and other government-sponsored dickheads right after this site went live… Jevning who had been pretending to be a friend to Wed and Woody up until then, immediately did the very worst thing he could have done at the time which was to publicly leave the show without talking to Wes ahead of time to explain what he was about to do and post statements to the effect of ‘having to separate himself to protect his own reputation and livelihood’ which of course made all the cheap shot rumors about Wes and Woody having lied about their own encounters which had the effect of making the rumors seem much more substantial than they weak sauce they obviously were… and for a supposed friend and colleague to do something like that with such impeccably awful timing as Jevning’s behavior had at the time qualifies as so much worse than mere asshat behavior… it seemed like professional asshat behavior to me… Jevning, the cointelpro asshat.

      I don’t know if Wes has gotten over that betrayal yet but just being a witness to it has left me just as pissed off today as I was when I witnessed it going down. And I don’t feel to good about that Shannon or Sharon or whatever her name was either. When your friend is unfairly under fire by the entire world with everything he’s worked for for the previous few years in jeopardy… that’s not the time to not have his back. See? I’m getting all pissed off again and losing focus, pretty soon I’m gonna start muttering and walking in right angry circles until the neighbors call the cops to do a welfare check. In conclusion, Jevning is worth less as a human than what I scrape off my shoe after walking across a dog park too recklessly.

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