Nov 13

Cryptids and Monsters: Mannegishi

The Mannegishi (singular the same) are a race of trickster people in Cree folklore, similar in nature to the Memegwesi of the Ojibwa. They are described as semi-humanoid, being sexdactylous humans with very thin and lanky arms and legs and big heads minus a nose. According to one Cree schema of the mythology, there are two humanoid races, one being the familiar human species and the other being the “little people”, i.e. Mannegishi. These people are said to live between rocks in the rapids. One of their biggest delights – a completely non-heroic form of trickster behavior – is to crawl out of the rocks and capsize the canoes of people canoeing through the rapids, spinning them to their death.

The Mannegishi has attracted interest in recent years due to its possible cryptozoological connections. It is believed by some that the Dover Demon represents a modern sighting of the Mannegishi.

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