Jul 4

Three Things Worse than Sasquatch in the Woods of North America

Mattsquatch Presents writes “I wanted to talk about three things that I hope I don’t run into while exploring the woods.”

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    • Sheldon C

      Mt giants proably the biggest things in forests. Reports say 18-30 plus feet. Definitely scarier than bft or a dogman. And they use trees for clubs. I hope we get more news on them too all

  1. Paul E

    During my first few weeks living at Mt Rainier, I had my Couch on the wall across from the big bay window and the tv back up against the window. One night I was watching tv laying down and I looked out the window next to the tv and saw what looked like a white face looking back at me from between the porch slats. I closed my eyes and opened them again and it was still there staring. So I rubbed my eye and shook my head thinking maybe I had fallen asleep and was just still dreaming and it was gone. So who knows maybe I was dreaming but it still sticks with me, unlike dreams.

  2. theresa m

    Right now there are three men missing on Mt. Rainier. One man, Matt, was skiing and they did find his body but won’t be retrieving it just yet. The other two are real Missing 411 cases and David Paulides is closely following those. Both had moved to Seattle in the last year and it is scary up there on Mt. Rainier. People need to take precautions for safety very seriously when they go out in the woods.

    • Sharity

      Theresa, my son and his wife went to LBL last wknd to canoe and search for the infamous campsite. He knows all about Missing 411, so he knows the dangers, but I couldn’t wait until they left!

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