Nov 30

Three Large Creatures

A listener writes “About 25 years ago I was at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Ft Polk, LA. While on a night air scouting mission in a Blackhawk helicopter I witnessed 3 very large bipedal creatures/things through night vision goggles.

The creatures were only 200m from a group of soldiers in a linear defensive position. The Soldiers were facing away from the creatures. The pilot buzzed the creatures and they scattered away from the training soldiers, they were always on two legs. Seeing these beings that close to humans made it easy to judge how much bigger they were than an average person.

I asked the crew chief What the hell are those things?, his reply was “I was told if I wanted to make E7 I had better keep my mouth shut about these things”. I decided to keep my mouth shut also.”

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  1. Gail K

    I don’t understand why the government wants to keep hush hush about them. We know they’re here and been here longer then us! Just admit it and stop making ppl look stupid.

  2. Esther L

    Our government is not in control of sasquatch. They are unable to manage them as they would any other known animal. I feel that they’re waiting until they can confidently claim dominion. I think they’re not able to do that and can’t allow the population to think there’s something outside of their control and management. Although us little people could care less whether they control them, the government feels it’s their right and duty.
    Here’s a question – would all of our Presidents be provided this knowledge? Can we honestly believe that certain of them would keep it a secret? I don’t believe they know.

    • Michael B

      Yea man, I’ve been to JRTC. Those woods are thick and dense. Plenty of pigs for food out there too. I feel sorry for bigfoot out there cause me just wearing body armor there in July sucks.

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