Nov 30

Strange Sounds From Virginia

A listener writes “I’m a listener from Southwest Virginia in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. My mom recorded this audio from her back porch last winter but didn’t tell me about it until Thanksgiving.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on what the creature making the sounds could be. Black bear and coyote are the biggest wild predators we have in this area. Mountain lions are “officially” extinct in SWVA, but many people claim they still exist here.

Logically speaking, this is probably a mountain lion because I don’t think this is a bear vocalization. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.”

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  1. Jeff K

    I live in the Elkhorn Mountains in Western Montana and mountain lions lived here first. Having one scream in the backyard at midnight raises the hair on the back of your neck; they do not roar however, and that sounds like a roar around 39 seconds. This is better than most of the recordings folks post, sounds like whatever raised the ruckus was not a long way off.

  2. Esther L

    It’s odd that the dogs aren’t alerting to it. Do they hear it often? From what we can hear on the video, it’s almost non directional. I always wonder if someone was call blasting. So many bigfooters out there now.
    How far are you from Gum Hill? It didn’t sound like bear or lion to me. Lacked the trailing edge of a lion roar.

  3. Christine T

    It seemed odd that the dogs just went about their business. But, who knows? We are at our family property in SW West Virginia (Summers County) right now, and if I heard that outside I would DEFINITELY ALERT to it—by running in the house and locking the doors! Never heard anything on this property that even approaches that sound.

  4. m99

    I have a friend from WV who has been a member at SC since the first show and has faithfully followed your podcast since. She’s said a couple times she’s tried like the dickens to get on the program, but scheduling problems didn’t help and ya’ll never fully connected. She is Debbie S. from WV. I think she told me one of the mods tried to help her connect with you. Anyway, thought I’d throw that out there. Be Blessed Wes_m

  5. Alan Y

    They also state no mountain lions in NYS either, but, One was shot near Alfred, ny and i seen one run across the thruway on 390 south about a year ago. Even in North Toniwabda, ny there were big cat tracks found, and people were afraid to leave their young one’s at school bus stops in the morning.
    Man actually thinks he controls animals and is the Great overseer, but God is in control. These animals are not stupid, like Sasquatch they move to places where we cant kill them off and they survive. Everything on this planet has survival skills from annialation

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