Jul 27

This week on SC: The Sasquatch Property

This week my guest is Michael Brookreson. Mike was new to the area and had just moved to this rural property. After moving in Mike noticed some strange vocalizations around his property but blew them off. Mike said that he has had several researchers out to the property.

In this small clip Mike talks about the first time he noticed something strange

This picture was taking on the property. Mike says “large bare human like tracks are common on and around his property”

35 Responses to “This week on SC: The Sasquatch Property”

  1. Vinnie G

    Mike is awesome!! Intelligent & funny guy with some amazing experiences, pics & audio..been following his work for a couple years and I’m psyched for this show!! Thanks Wes!

  2. James B

    just enough to wet my whistle, now I’m chompin at the bit for the rest, absolutely cannot wait for it. I still say best bigfoot site anywhere, you work your tail off and I thank You, Wes, your #1 in my book.

  3. Tyler D

    I was listening to some of the older episodes, I believe it was the original episode with Bear. And I forgot all about this until today. But do you guys remember when Wes was talking about doing a raffle to go out on an expedition out in Washington with Wes, Woody n the other guy was around? You know, ten dollars gets your name in the hat. I believe it was to go investigate some possible burial mounds. I was thinking that would be an amazing thing to do possibly in the future since SC has progressed so much since then. Maybe change some of the minor details. I think that would be a chance of a lifetime. Just a thought, what do you guys think?

    • DrAaron

      I think it’s a grand idea! We all just need to have our own SC field trip with Wes drivin’ the bus. What’s the worst that could happen? I am in!

  4. Christine J S

    ATTENTION WES! After you posted this teaser I goggled Michael Brookreson…WOW…! The THCS Early 2015 & The Ozarks from 5 months ago video was a total CLIFF HANGER. Please ask him to tell the rest of the story regarding this video.
    Your show is just so AWESOME. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Joni

    Oh Ya what a tease…. I could of listened to the whole thing ….Then again I could listen every
    Night to SC~ okay I confess I Do !! Even if I’ve heard it a few times before…. Better than TV!!
    DON’T EVER QUIT WES >I WON’T BE THE ONLY ONE LOST IF YOU DO! If you need a Vacation HEY just pre-record some encounters….haha

    • SantiamLady

      YES! ???????? Me too! What’s TV? I hardly watch it anymore. I prefer to curl up with a SasChron Rerun, if there’s no new Episode available. LOVE IT!!!!!! ????????????

  6. MyKill L

    Me too! I listen every night before bed. Even after multiple times of hearing the same show! Now I have to say when I find something I haven’t heard or don’t remember it’s just like Christmas morning! Keep it up Wes you have an amazing archive building. Etched in stone for others to enjoy and remember years from this day!!

  7. Rich A

    Bigfoot have booming vocals and I stumbled across something in regards to this…So I’m near the Tahoe National forest and two friends ask me “Hey you wanna go Squatchin?” I say sure….We drive to a ridge way back in the thick off some old forsaken road looking for tree breaks etc. We stop the vehicle and get out to have a look around when one of the guys who is a lot taller and larger than me starts letting out calls. To my horror, these calls sounded very loud and booming and too real. I was completely caught off guard and became very uneasy so I told him “Hey are you sure you wanna do that, I mean for all we know you can be issuing a mating call and we could end up in a very uncomfortable position with some lovesick Squatch…” Then as if on cue the second guy starts tree knockin and the sound was eerily loud adding to my somewhat panic….I was now pretty nervous and telling them “hey are you guys sure you wanna do that? I mean, haven’t you heard Episode 46 or 50 whatever??? There was real tension in the air and we were soon out of there…..So here’s my observation:
    Calls or whoops or screams from a large individual or creature seem to be greatly enhanced or broadened when in a valley type of canyon like area near open valleys. I made this observation when I was back in San Jose and asked the guy who was doing the calls to do them again so I could hear how loud etc they were. He stood on a porch and let it rip….They were nothing compared to when we were out on the ridge. I couldn’t believe how weak or unimpressive the sound was….
    I can imagine how intimidating it must be to hear an actual scream or vocal from a massive Squatch in the forest who is 3 times or more the size of even the largest person. Not to mention in a surrounding that seems to enhance or carry the vocals even more so….Well I’m an admitted ametuer in all of this but I thought that was worth sharing…..

    • Frankie P

      Very good observation Rich A! I wouldn’t have known that being from flat ol’ South Texas, myself. Nothing to echo or impede much except brush and wind. I’ll have to pay attention more closely to the kind of terrain the encounters happen on. Thank you.

  8. Matt f

    great guest,psyched for micheal to be on.Followed his work over past two years and is doing remarkable job,plus he is great story teller.Tyler love the idea,definetly down with it.

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