Dec 20

This thing was a monster standing about 7 feet tall

Another interesting encounter sent to me by a listener:

“I was out with my brother and friend Joe. We camped off an old logging road or first night in the sequoias nobody around. It got to be about 8 pm. The moon was not out yet so it got dark fast. We decide to take a quick walk each having a little cheap flashlight from Walmart. We get about a couple min down the road before we decided to head back. On our way back I was a few feet in front when I hear my brother yell that he sees eyes watching us.

I run back shine my light over him and at first I see these eyes then the outline of his body came into focus and this thing was a monster standing about 7 feet tall peeking around a tree. The first thing I notice is that the eyes are far apart and the way he looked at us was not normal. It was almost like an owl the way his neck moved. It had no motion. leaned it to the right then the left. Looking at us like he was just as interested. I had about a good 4 sec on him. Then my friend ran up and shined his light then I can tell it was over us looking at him and used its left hand to push away from the tree and took 4 steps out of view.

But this thing was a beast I could see the out line perfect. And it walked on 2 feet sounded like he broke a 2 by 4 on every step. So we are now just standing there frozen can’t believe what we just saw and we know it’s still just right there watching us. We stood there for about 30 sec thinking on what to do. We decide to head back to the car we had a couple go pros and a camera to grab but it was so dark they would have been pointless.

As we are walking back to the car we hear him again and we realize that he’s following us along the road in the trees and getting a little closer. then he takes this step that stopped us in our tracks. This thing was about 5 feet off the road. And he didn’t care if we heard. So now we are all just standing there frozen. I remember feeling like my heart was up in my neck I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

I was waiting for him to make a move until my brother yelled out f**k it and took a step off the road and started running full speed at this thing. My friend Joe and I don’t hesitate one sec and we follow him. I don’t even know what we were going to do when we got to this creature. We didn’t even think we were just so interested. So we get about ten feet in and I yelled out stop!

So we just stood there in silence listening for anything. We knew it was just right next to us. Then this thing just started walking again and he was only feet away. We all start running at its steps again with out saying a word to each other. We did that about 4 times every time we stopped it was the same thing. He was watching us from 5 to ten feet away then start walking. The last time we stopped we realized that we just ran full speed into the forest and now we don’t know we’re we are. I did not want to get lost.

I knew he was still just right there. We walk about a min to where we think the road is and we popped up behind the jeep. And that was it we didn’t leave the area the rest of the night. That thing was so good at not showing him self. Shadowing us the whole time. He was a professional. Nothing could have avoided us like that. Going back to the same spot as soon as winter is over.”

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  1. Janetta V

    If they could run towards it, they weren’t laying bricks. These thing always freeze people in fear, no one ever runs toward them…and then to do that several times. No I don’t believe this, and this is probably the first encounter that I find doubtful. Merry Christmas

  2. Mary W

    I believe , due to the nature of the subject that a lot of encounters go unspoken because it doesn’t fit the “mold” for a lot of reports. This could be one of those . I would like to hear an interview to better sort things out . I have 3 sons . When they are out with friend false bravado , security can push them to get ahead of themselves ,so to speak . Perhaps this applies here. ? ! Maybe the thing put off a curiosity vibe that caused them to drop Thier own guard? Afterall these aren’t supposed to exsist ( up until that moment on an acceptable proof level to the mainstream anyway ) so all bets can be off as far as responses are concerned? Would like to hear more before I decide. Ty for the share . Thankyou for your time.

  3. Diana A

    Very interesting. I believe it. At a foolish age of 15-19, I been out traveling at night with friends doing the same kind of dangerous thing. Jumping off bridges into the river, sitting on logs in the midfle of a lake, climbing redwoods or sugarpines as high as i could go…all at night. Sounds like something a young human with a sense of indestuckabolity would do. But rushing a sasquatch…that takes the cake! i got a new name for you–Bigfoot Bait

  4. Christopher c

    Out of all the encounters Iv’e heard and my personal experience of being followed ,this make no sense! everyone Iv’e heard of who had encounters like this were terrified some of them had guns as well and were terrified for their lives-let me just tell you this: if they are telling the truth about this thing sounding like it was breaking 2×4’s every step it took- tells me that these guys were either not using their thinking caps,or on drugs but nobody in their right mind goes into the darkness after one of these things without an army of armed individuals period! end of story.

  5. Pat T

    I like to give most the benefit of the doubt but like u Chris and others this one just doesn’t sound right. 99% of those who have encountered this thing at night while being paced have said they were terrified to the point of being frozen. Who in their right mind would think of going into the woods after this thing and do what? Kick its a?! Ain’t buying it.

  6. Morgan P

    Makes one wonder what they would have done if Mr Squatch would not decided to play along with their game of chase. My guess is, the 7 footer knew there was nothing to be afraid of since they did not mention having a weapon.

  7. Todd E

    Just listening now and wondered if this was on any soecific trail? I’m in Colorado, just south of Loveland. 34 heads up to Estes from there and we go up that way often. Would greatly appreciate any info, if possible. If anyone else has Colorado experiences in general, I’ll share mine. Got a print while working in Leadville and fishing at Turquoise Lake a few years back. Thanks!!!

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