Jun 27

This Man Can’t Explain What His Trail Camera Just Captured

Unexplained Mysteries writes “This man can’t explain what his trail camera just captured deep within these woods. Today, we take a look at what this mans trail camera captured deep in the woods.

Trail cameras are great for capturing wildlife. They allow us to see the wilderness from the comfort of our homes. So people install them on their property for safety reasons, while others put them in the middle of the woods, hoping to catch a glimpse of endangered wildlife. Most of them work with the camera detecting motion, once it does it quickly snaps a photograph. The owner of the camera will normally receive a notification once this happens. However, some owners have been asking questions when they view the images.”

13 Responses to “This Man Can’t Explain What His Trail Camera Just Captured”

  1. Thomas B

    Interesting that what should be the shaded sided of the stump and block are actually brighter that the side directly illuminated. That raises a lot of questions about the authenticity of the photo.

  2. Pete M

    I recently saw where hundreds of lights were observed and photographed, perhaps not coincidentally, it was also in California. I know folks don’t want to hear this but I’m gonna keep saying it. Look around you, the end times are very near. That goes for cryptids and aliens too, all part of one big satanic agenda. More and more sightings of both, plannedemics, riots, looting, the intentional destruction of all our institutions. Jesus is the answer because this fight will no longer be ours to fight once it’s fully in motion and each one of us will have to someday stand before God and answer for ourselves.

  3. Secret A

    Trail cameras light up the images that way. It’s normal for a trail cam to light things up that way. Check night trail cam footage on youtube and you’ll see . So that’s not the issue here. The fact is that light orbs and objects are very real, I have seen them at two different times. It’s not about if they are real or not but to uncover their properties. This one looks like a light coming from underneath a larger craft because of it’s shape, maybe an opening with lights. The answers we are looking for are all in the bible. Stop rejecting it. Read it. The one t hing we have been rejecting have all the answers. This is why they seem mysterious. All is revealed in the bible. It’s the only source no one looks at seriously. For centuries people have tried to figure out these things that hide before our eyes. Evil spirit beings
    Luke 21:26
    People fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

  4. George M

    The only thing this looks like is simple image editing. the “object” does not look like an orb or ufo or insect. it has no apparent symmetry like insects and most flying things do. it looks like someone has used a delete/dodge brush then blur. even the “beam” of light doesnt look like you’d expect – the edges of the beam are not consistent. top one fades too suddenly at the stump the other one isnt even straight as it “emerges from the object”. it just looks like its been drawn using a mouse. the only thing i can think this might be is a leaf hanging over the camera and the IR flash makes it extremley bright as its so close. but that doesnt explain the “beam”

  5. Janetta V

    I love to read all of the comments above, but the two christian ones are what I really relate too. The time is so short before Jesus calls his believers home, that there is no time to waste. These are all evil entities written about in the bible and there IS no other answer, once you understand God’s plan for us these things aren’t mysterious at all. Just kind of interesting.

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