Jun 27

The Speed Was Unreal

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I’ll be honest, when I first began listening to your show, I was skeptical on some of the first person accounts; there were a few I absolutely believed, while others I took with a grain of salt.

But, I now too have experienced something and it makes me rethink other people’s accounts and I have much more respect for those willing to share their story.

I recently was camping out in Washington, by the wind river, and I cannot explain what I saw. I would love to chat with you sometime, even to get some possible answers. Im a avid hiker/backpacker in the pnw. I’m a former deputy, military veteran and currently work for a large metropolitan government entity, so my privacy is of the upmost concern (I was a detective as well and your interview skills and patience are much appreciated). I’m trying to wrap my head around what we saw and heard and I can’t come up with a logical explanation. We also had a chain of events occur, which made me even more open to the idea they were connected.

The next day, when we were leaving our site, we had even more of a revelation regarding the size of the “things” we saw; whatever we saw moved bilaterally (upright) and the speed was unreal. I walked out to the “sighting” area and had my partner take a video of me walking on the trail so we could gauge how far these “things” were and using trees as a guide for potential size.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of it, and based on the totality of the circumstances, I’m having a hard time thinking it was animal related; we had somethings happen on my phone (in airplane mode) and heard noises throughout the night.

If you would like to chat, Thanks for your time.”

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  1. m99

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic encounter. I looked up the area since I wasn’t familiar with the Wind River. Looks like it’s near where you’re from Wes. Can’t wait for this one. Thanks Wes.

  2. Melissa P

    I really hope he comes on the show. If he’s not comfortable with that then hopefully he can talk through his experience with Wes. Wes can help him come to terms with what he saw and hopefully move on with more of an openmindedness. I hope he gets the relief and information if he talks to Wes.

  3. Amy H

    Very interesting. I have left Portland and now live in the gorge (the area of that he is referring). Let me tell you, there ARE private campgrounds where bigfoots visit during the camping seasons. They are ( the campgrounds) on the WA side and wind river has such a private campground. The hosts even mention that you might get a visitor. This guy’s probably from the city and hadn’t a clue about BF around wind river. What a shocker it would be.
    BTW, I ‘m not camping there and made that decision long ago. If you ever read that BF is known to come for a “visit” why the hell would you ever camp there???
    I got a glimpse of reddish brown fur moving away from an opening when we were camping on state land in the same vicinity. Haven’t been back.

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