Oct 29

ThinkerThunker: Weird Things about “Bigfoot Hunted by Helicopter”

ThinkerThunker writes “Finding one hard-to-explain aspect to a video is one thing. Finding two takes the weirdness factor up exponentially. But five (or more) truly odd things means something extraordinary was going on here.”


7 Responses to “ThinkerThunker: Weird Things about “Bigfoot Hunted by Helicopter””

  1. theresa m

    Does anyone think that this may have been an early look into the area before actual shooting of Sasquatch was to take place? There are some pretty rich folks out there that a helicopter ride out into open country would not be more than a drop in a bucket to their purse. As to the fact that the family didn’t see the runner in the bushes, the color of the creature matches its surroundings. If it was bright red or some other color, sure, they would have had a better chance of seeing it but I’m not surprised that they didn’t see it. I feel bad for the Sasquatch.

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