Jul 6

ThinkerThunker: Analysis Proves Patterson Bigfoot was 6’9″

ThinkerThunker writes “In this video I use a little common sense to give us possibly the most accurate measurement ever for Patty (the Patterson Bigfoot.) But it depends on two “measurable” pieces of evidence. You’re not gonna believe the results.

For scoffers and haters …. Most anything can be measured with most anything, as long as the “measuring device” is of a known and predictable size. As in horses have forever been measured in hands.”

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5 Responses to “ThinkerThunker: Analysis Proves Patterson Bigfoot was 6’9″”

  1. Mark R

    About a year ago this guy “disproved” the appx 6 and a half foot tall finding of expedition bigfoot. Now his “science” came up with the same figure after he unscientifically added a couple of inches for Patty’s lean. If he’s going to be intellectually honest he should add the same amount to the height that expedition bigfoot came up with using the best technology we currently have.

    I was never that concerned that Patty came in under 7′ because no one knows if she was a mature adult or younger and still going through the growing stages. After all, you can’t get to 7 feet tall without getting to 6 feet first.

  2. Charles R

    Another measurement from years ago that Dr. Grover Krantz used was 6 method. Take the length of the foot time 6 and divide by 12. Since Pattys foot was 14.5 inches in lenght that would put her at 7 feet 3 inches. This to is unsientific however it probably puts her in this range. Be it 6 foot 9 inches or back in the day thought to be 7 foot 5 inches, she is one tall beast that is just ripping with muscles all over the place, and this is what Bob Gimlin was so measmerized by the most. Well that and the fact he finally found out they were real, as he had his doubts up until then. And in a Monsterquest episode using a semi scientific method they calculated her weight at around 800 pounds, by using increasing weight to reach the depth of her tracks. I doubt we will ever have a true measurment of her statistics, but no doubt she was one tall and huge and muscular lady.

  3. Ron S

    Depending on the true size of the cast you could use this as a measuring tool for not just height but width across the back, limb and torso length and thickness, chest girth ect. (Patty gives you a variety of angles). At that point you could see if any proportions fall well outside of it being a person in a costume while still able to move effectively.

    Once you have the fluid volume of her you could use a similarly built human and their volume and weight to come up with closer statistics.

    Sometimes I think we subconsciously don’t really want to know the details to mysteries when it really comes down to it, maybe for good reason. Maybe humanity is better off to remain skeptical or innocent to the truth about many aspects of life and how we perceive it until we are balanced well with the natural world, humanity included, as well as spiritually positive in our own beliefs.

    Maybe as our innocence is corrupted at earlier and earlier ages with more availability for good or young people to be subjected to temptation or innocence readily sold off as a commodity for the all mighty dollar to the already corrupt, it could eventually lead to the judgment of all parties (humanity) being found guilty, maybe sooner than later… Maybe it’s all part of a dark plan we aren’t aware of yet… Just a guess.

    Words mean something… Maybe “content” is more than it seems, such as the Worlds biggest CON, all under one TENT.
    God bless all. 🙏🏼🌞 stay awake

    • Ron S

      If as above so below, the feeling of being “content” or peaceful might be the light, media or “content” might be something a whole lot different.

  4. Ron S

    Sometimes a pyramid shape looks like the front shape of an oldschool tent doesn’t it? I just thought of that… hmmm, probably nothing, just interesting 🤔

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