Jul 5

From The Shadows: Bigfoot, UFOs, & Wes Germer w/Brent Thomas of Paranormal Portal

From The Shadows writes “Brent Thomas of the Paranormal Portal joins me to talk about his show and all things paranormal. He shares his own UFO experience and what is was like to interview George Noory! We also pay homage and profess our admiration for the Godfather of Sasquatch, Wes Germer.”

It’s flattering but all of that seems a bit of a stretch, here is a link to the video

6 Responses to “From The Shadows: Bigfoot, UFOs, & Wes Germer w/Brent Thomas of Paranormal Portal”

  1. Sarah G

    The two nicest guys in the biz (beyond Wes of course). We live in a rural area in WA and people literally tell me Sasquatch is the biggest lie of all time. I wonder if it could be a psyop sometimes. I think more guests should be vetted if they are on pharma/SSRI that can alter their brain and perception. I think some people believe what they are seeing, but some just absolutely make it up. I know I don’t want to see any alien or creatures!

  2. Jimmy C

    I’ve been thinking about my life with the Bigfoot incounters I’ve had that changed my life forever and that’s just a small part of it because the Paranormal incounters I’ve had as well is so hard to deal with at times.. but the last 2 weeks I’ve went back and seen orbs that was following me and my wife but the hardest thing is how in the Hellbto you try and tell someone that you seen a 3 foot tall owl standing in the middle of the damn road and when I went by its like time stood still and it was watching me… this stuff is real and I can take a lie detector test and pass it!!!! MONSTER’S ARE REAL!!!!

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