Mar 14

The Vault: Bigfoot in Kentucky

WHAS11 writes “Rumors- sightings- and debate over Bigfoot is nothing new. A creature that walks and acts like a man, covered in hair, like an ape. And do not forget his most recognized trait, the unnaturally large footprint.

Across the country, there’s been reported sightings. In Kentucky, two claims of clues that he’s been here before…”

8 Responses to “The Vault: Bigfoot in Kentucky”

  1. Charles R

    They showed a brief clip of Timothy Peeler from back in 09 or 10, I believe, with that staff he used to persuade the chicken steeler to move on – now git. To me it was hilarious at the time, still is.

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Charles, one of my all time favorite encounters. Absolutely priceless!! I still watch it now and then. Here you have
    a G-d fearing mountain man on his porch around 3:00 am, listening to a religious channel, and who strolls onto his property? The
    subsequent phone calls to the police are just icing on the cake! Now if only he could come on Sasquatch Chronicles, all my prayers
    would be answered!

  3. Glen K

    (New Jersey) BTW, I don’t know who the man is who interviewed Mr. Peeler. Perhaps he was from the BFRO, or was a reporter.
    Nevertheless, he did a superb job of allowing him to talk about his experience.

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