Mar 14

Strange Experience While Hunting

A listener writes “I would like to share my encounter I had 7 years ago. I was deer hunting on public land, I went to my spot I always go to in this certain area. I sit in a hollowed out oak tree and I usually never go into the woods before sun up but on this particular day no one was there which was odd to me.

So I said I’m going to get in there, get to my spot before people start getting here, it was about 5:45 in the morning and I start hearing what sounded like a baseball bat hitting a tree to my right about 50 yards or so.

Then heard a clicking sound and like a gorilla grunting, about a minute later I heard the same thing in front but to the left of me, it went on like that until the sun came up around 6:30ish and I never chamber a round until shooting light which is 30 minutes before sun up and 30 minutes after sun down here in Missouri, but when I heard the second one chime in that’s when I put a round in and safety off.

I can’t help but wonder if they use game trails to ambush their prey and the tree knocks were to ask if the other was ready for the hunt. I would like to hear some clips of Bigfoot grunting to see if they are similar if you have the time to point me in the right direction of some.”

3 Responses to “Strange Experience While Hunting”

  1. Linda B

    Can’t ever be too careful, glad you were armed. Takes a big gun for these things and reports say it’s the one you don’t see you need to be careful of. I’ve heard some vocalized grunts on YouTube videos, you can probably search it online. Be safe and thanks for sharing your encounter.

  2. Charles R

    Of course they use game trails to ambush their prey. I have a couple of pictures from late Feb. 2012 of what I would consider a great ambush blind just off a heavy game trail in Salt Fork Lake, OH. And another couple hundred yards further down was a large X structure of 30 foot trees used as a choke point.

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