Nov 15

The Uinta Basin Mysteries

UAMN TV writes “North-eastern Utah is known for being a hotbed to paranormal events, cryptids, and UFO sightings. Some of the phenomena taking place has fascinated the general public for decades—yet most of what we know seems to be regurgitated information.

Over the course of this presentation, James Keenan will share with you new details that will bring additional understanding to places such as Skinwalker and Blind Frog Ranch. We will expand our knowledge of the Uinta Basin and in the process, explain that what is occurring covers a larger geographic area than just the two celebrated ranches.

Finally, Keenan will cover the history that may help in shedding new light on why this area is truly one of the most unique and mysterious locations on our planet.

James Keenan is an author, lecturer, and field investigator. He has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara. His main curriculum was anthropology and archaeology, with a focus on Mesoamerican cultures.
He has written six fictional novels that have science fiction or paranormal components to them. Prior to his writing, he had a career in law enforcement and private investigations that spanned twenty-four years.
James regularly travels the globe in search of information and evidence that can provide alternate answers about why we have lost so much of our distant human history.”

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