Nov 15

Bigfoot Caught On Camera – Ohio Grassman

We Do It Outdoors writes “In this video, The Ohio Grassman aka Bigfoot, Was Caught On Camera 3 times.” The night time footage is interesting. Take a look and tell me what you think.

15 Responses to “Bigfoot Caught On Camera – Ohio Grassman”

  1. Bryan G

    The only way im gonna believe any bigfoot video other than Paddy is if they catch them running on all fours at full speed. That can’t be faked! unless you put a cheetah in a bigfoot costume

    • Charles R

      Or like my large dog a golden retriever/lab mix growls at least once every day. Everything about this smells hoax to me. I guess he was on the Travel Channel with some video in the past and wants his own Bigfoot show.

  2. Charles R

    There was a guy who called himself The Ohio Grassman over a decade ago that researched and filmed videos mostly in and around Salf Fork Lake in Eastern, OH, a well documented hot spot for the Sasquatch. He put up a video of a purported Sasquatch shaking a tree off in the distance and it gathered a lot of attention. The first season of Finding Bigfoot, they focused on this video on their first Ohio episode. They were pretty much in agreement that it was fake. I wonder if this is the same guy – not sure.

  3. ruben c

    Complete bullshit and faux ass bravado. Let me get this straight, this dude is by himself in complete darknesss and with multiple eye shines reflections moving about and I am suppose to accept this? Yeah…Right!!! Anyone in their right mind who have lost 25 pounds in their fucking shorts and melted like the Wicked Witch. I am no bravado warrior, but I have enough sense to bring along a few thumping neighbirhod chavalos who can bring the lead out…

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