Mar 23

The Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

A listener writes “My friend Kyler is a follower of yours, and the other night we were having a conversation about unexplainable things that have happened to us. When I told him mine, he recommended I write in.

When my brother and I were kids, we lived in rural Canada in the middle of a forest. We lived just off the highway, and from our backyard could see across the road into the field on the other side. One afternoon, we were jumping on the trampoline, when we both saw something that made us pause. Across the highway at the field was a dark figure, walking with long smooth strides. He was tall, taller than most, and the way he moved was like nothing either of us had ever seen. We watched him glide alongside the road for a while, until we got the bright idea to have our dad take us down the road to find this man.

So we hopped into the car. But we didn’t see the figure. He had vanished, but there was nowhere for him to go. With open field on one side and sparse birch forest on the other, a man that size, all in black, couldn’t have just disappeared like that.

It was all very unsettling, and is the strangest and most inexplicable thing I’ve ever seen.”

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