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The strange mystery of the Valley of the Headless Men

I want to thank Lawrence K. for sending this to me. I am looking into this story. The Valley of the Headless Men. Anomalies first began in 1908, when the Macleod Brothers came prospecting for gold in the valley.
Nothing was heard or seen of the brothers for a whole year, until their decapitated bodies were found near a river. Nine years later, the Swiss prospector Martin Jorgenson was next to succumb to the Valley, when his headless corpse was found. In 1945, a miner from Ontario was found in his sleeping bag with his head cut from his shoulders. While skeptics would put the grizzly mutilations down to feuding gold prospectors or bear attacks, there are other strange happenings in the area which add to the valleys mysteriousness.

The fiercely renowned Naha tribe simply vanished from the area a few years prior to the first deaths. Other Indians of the area have avoided the Valley for centuries. Many parts of the valley remain unexplored, and there are tales the Valley holds large man-like creatures, something strange lurks in the Nahanni Valley.

The eerie nickname attached to 200 Mile Gorge comes from a series of unexplained incidents in the Gorge during the Gold Rush of the early 20th century. Two brothers, Willie and Frank McLeod left in 1906 in an attempt to reach the Klondike through Nahanni. Nothing was heard from them for the next two years. Rumours spoke of the two finding the “mother lode” of gold. Despite this, no efforts were made to find them. In 1908, another prospecting expedition discovered two bodies, later identified as the McLeod brothers. Both had been decapitated. This incident would likely have been marked up as just another macabre tale of North had they been the only headless bodies. In 1917, the body of a Swiss prospector by the name of Martin Jorgenson was found next to his burned cabin. Decapitated. In 1945, the body of a miner from Ontario, whose name seems to be lost to history, was found in his sleeping bag, without a head.

Theories abound as to what happened to these men, and others (up to 44 people are said to have disappeared there). Some put these attacks down to grizzly bears, some feuding prospectors, other natives. Some say the area is naturally heated by hot springs, and is practically a tropical paradise, a Shangri-La if you will, with the valley floor covered in gold nuggets. These theories often speak of the valley being a haven for the Sasquatch.


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  1. Frankie P

    Wow. Somebody should write a book or something about it, for sure! I love looking into “place” names, because some some are because of incidents like this. Even in South Texas we have a “Ape Creek” somewhere. Makes you go “hmmm”.

  2. Patrick N

    Ya. I’ve been researching this. During the last ice age this area was ice free because of the hot springs and land warmed by lava underlying the area. There have been sightings of primative homanids wearing skins and carrying flint axes. Crazy stuff.

  3. Tyler D

    I’ve always been extremely fascinated with that area. There really isn’t a lot of information on it though. It seems like it’s been a long while since anyone has really been in this heavily forested area. It’s on my bucket list to go into this area. I bet it has a very eerie vibe to it like the destroyed campsite in Texas. N I’ve wondered if these disappearing and decapitated people is even sasquatch related or if it was a more primitive tribe that are doing these things. It definitely adds to the mystery of this place. Who knows what could turn up after doin a bit of research up there? This area really draws my curiosity to say the least

  4. Christopher c

    This is the work of Sasquatch ,all around the Pacific Northwest there are old reports of miners and prospectors being found decapitated by someone or something that has the power to pop the heads off a human like a champagne bottle.

  5. Tyler D

    Well I know there have been encounters in the area for years. But whether or not they had anything to do with these accounts nobody can say for sure. And in these stories they don’t really give you any specifics in the manner they we’re decapitated, ya know? We’re they popped off? Or we’re they cut off? I’m sure they we’re trying to be the most respectful they could be to the departed unfortunate souls. But if we had the answer to that question we would a little more insight on Who or What did this

    • Patrick N

      There have been sightings of primative homanids with flint axes so they might be responsible for the decapitations. Not to say there aren’t any bigfoot there…i’m sure there are and they may be responsible.

  6. Kay S

    Surely if BF was going to behead people, it would eat the bodies and just drop the head, after it had eaten it too of course? To a BF we are no more than game after all. To leave a perfectly good body in a sleeping bag wouldn’t be logical to a predator. Maybe the fierce Naha tribe didn’t vanish after all. Possibly they didn’t want to be found, and were making sure their territory remained theirs.
    Does anyone know if the disappearances still happen?

    • Eddie M

      I think they are very Cognitive that humans are their primary enemy. Intimidation is calculated and demonstrates intelligence of pre-meditation. They’re 99% Human and use all intelligence to survive. I would not doubt this in the least.

  7. Eddie M

    When I was a child we played a game in the summer called “ain’t no boogers out tonight grandpa killed them all last night”….. Booger Lights in everyone’s yard…. Booger Bottom near my grandmothers house we weren’t suppose to be after dark… ??? It was not so sublime that even the adults knew.

  8. Kerrin C

    So very intriguing.. makes even me want to go out and investigate (and write that book) only.. will the next generation of “the decapitated” be those who venture out there in this modern day? Not sure I want to be killed in this fashion. I think Kay S. might be on to something… maybe the Naha tribe didn’t vanish .. maybe they live in those tunnels and caves and keep the area for themselves. Interesting hypothesis. Makes me think about the other over-looked question – those “wildmen” in the Smokey Mountains. Is it Sasquatch or is it actual “wild men”? Hmm..

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