Mar 27

The Scary Advancement of AI

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently discussed possible future events regarding Artificial intelligence. As crazy as Joe’s ideas sound I think he is right. It is just a matter of time. Take a listen.


Link to the video


4 Responses to “The Scary Advancement of AI”

  1. Claudine F

    The place I work are in the midst of creating a bot to take over investigating and processing claims, that’s 8 ppl who will be out of jobs due to this. We already have a bot in a few warehouses picking customers orders which also resulted in job losses. The future with A.I taking over jobs looks very grim for humans!

    • Charles R

      Indeed Claudine. I can see this happening with my wife’s great paying job in the not to distant future and with millions of others. It is quite scary to think about what these folks will do next.

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