Mar 27

Bigfoot and Power Lines

Salish Sasquatch writes “Sasquatch Passageways with Scott Taylor. We travel to a cluster of sightings that occurred near powerlines in Washington state. BFRO investigator Scott Taylor recounts the reports that he investigated and shares insights on sasquatch travel routes.”


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3 Responses to “Bigfoot and Power Lines”

  1. Nickolas P

    Awesome video! Long time listener, just became a member about a month ago, 100% worth the money! Thanks for putting on an amazing show and website for us Wes! Nick from Michigan

  2. Charles R

    Yes power lines are a highway for them, as are railroad trackways. If I was a drone pilot, I would concentrate on good thermal cameras along these passages at night. Some years ago Wes had a powerline tower tech/repair gentleman on that used helicopters in their work. He witnessed a family of Sasquatch step out from the woods into the powerline.

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