Oct 8

The Original Russian Yeti Video

This is the original Russian Yeti video showing something running and jumping through the woods. It has been debated if this is real or not. Take a look.

12 Responses to “The Original Russian Yeti Video”

  1. devon c

    I’m convinced this one is real. The length of the right arm as the being is in midair is clearly much longer than a human arm. The arm is not a costume extension as it’s is used to help vault over the fallen logs and switch locomotion methods from bipedal to quadrupedal and back. It looks like a real, organic, member of the primate order.
    If it’s a hoax, it’s a damn good one.

  2. Daren c

    That was strange, it’s like it was hoping over debris , looked it covered growned pretty quick, as a commentary about stated , I too noticed small amount of fuzziness around the alleged creature , interesting for sure.

    Hey ?? Was that a bear or a dog or ?? to the left of the screen toward the end , it’s was reddish in color ?

    • Charles R

      This is an older video and Russians will fake video as easy as some in this country do. Yes way to calm and seems staged which almost always means it is a faked Bigfoot, in this area that would be an Almas or Almasty. You say gorilla in a Russians Zoo, I always thought it was a member of the Gibbon family which are great leapers.

  3. Stephanie B

    I am not sure about this one … Casual conversation after seeing this, with my child, would not have been happening! We would be leaving. May be if I were alone? But for the child’s sake I would have left QUICKLY!!

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