Jul 22

The Night We Caught Sight Of The Legendary Bigfoot

A Listener writes “It was a hot night in September, the year was 2000, I was with my wife at the time Kelly, and our dog Balto, we were on a trip back from Springfield, Oregon on the Mckenzie River Bypass or Mckenzie scenic route if you prefer, in the Willamette National Forest, Forest Road 242 towards Sister, Oregon.

We had just past by the Dee Wright Observatory, which Kelly always called the, “Rock Castle”.
About 1/10th mile past the observatory Balto started whining, so I looked for a place to get off road. A quarter mile down the road there was a sweeping dirt road that goes up the hillside to the right and up around a stand of trees. I turned up the hill went to the top spun around in the upper treeline and nosed my jeep back downhill at the edge of the dirt road and shut off the jeep.

Now Balto was a whole other breed of a##hole, always was, given the opportunity he would bolt and not come back for quite sometime, and this time was no different. As soon as his feet hit the ground he was gone out of sight smelling everything and gone who knows where.

At this point I get heatedly pissed, but, I know from time and time before there was nothing to do but wait for that little a##hole that had gotten away again. I climbed back in the cab of my jeep kicked the seat back and Kelly and I took a nap while Balto was out screwing around for two hours.

Balto came back scratching on the jeep door two hours later, it was 3:00am when I slipped the jeep in neutral turned the key on and coasted down the dirt road without any lights, just before I hit the highway I popped the clutch on my jeep and flipped the light switch, and there in my headlights for a two second period not two car lengths from us was an awe inspiring 8′ – 9′ Bigfoot with extremely long fur mostly black modeled with grey, longer hair than I’ve seen on almost any renderings.

In two long strides he or she was across the highway with nothing more for us than a passing glance in our direction.

I asked Kelly if she had just seen it, my heart thundering in my chest so strongly I thought I my pass out, it was like I had just seen a ghost.

She confirmed her eyes, just as mine had just observed what could only have been the same creature out of the legends that we had heard growing up in the Pacific Northwest. There is zero doubt in either of our minds, we had just seen BIGFOOT!

I screeched to a stop grabbed my maglight and was half out the door before Kelly’s screaming not to go after it finally made it through to my brain.

I didn’t want to scare it or make it mad, I just wanted a better look, another look, but the long look that we got was to be the only look we would get.

After Kelly calmed down I drove to where he went down a lava rock embankment into a lava field that butted up to a forest of trees. But at the speed he or she was moving, unless it stopped to take inventory of me from somewhere, was long gone. I all but cried looking at the area the open area between where we were and the next decent cover.. all that area I assume I would have been able to see him or her escape through, if I had of jumped out with my flashlight.

But now I’m really glad I didn’t, me popping outta nowhere and firing up my motor and lights already had him or her moving like it’s ass was on fire, I’ve never seen anything on two legs move as quickly as this creature.

That’s my story. And it definitely inspired awe in myself, Kelly and Balto.”

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