Sep 16

The Glimmerman

Ben miller writes “The Glimmerman is quite a strange being and I am not really sure what it should be classified as. This is why it doesn’t carry the normal cryptid spotlight title. The Glimmerman is basically the real life reports of a Predator ,yes from the movies, like being. Although it doesn’t have fancy technology it does have the ability to cloak.”

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  1. Maynard w

    On Skinwalker Ranch one ran from the treeline and roared at a meditating new-ager. In case this becomes a ‘thing,’ can everyone please think of a better name. Let’s not get stuck with glitterman like we did with dogman. LOL

  2. Ralph F

    Hmmm chasing deer & making a thud jumping out of a tree. Sounds like bigfoot. According to the best ufo investigator (my opinion), Deril Sims says the 5 or mite be 7 so called alien species interacting with humans are not species but are models. Like ford & Chevy are models of vehicles. He doesnt say who created the models but would have to be a species of alien that doesn’t typically show itself to the public. Perhaps a breakaway civilization of humans, or maybe our creators the Anunnaki?

    • m99

      Sorry, but that Seagal reeks with egotistical male hormone (mochismo). That’s a real turn off to many. My husband and brother love (d – Stevie, my brother is deceased) Steven Saegal. When we’d go downstairs to watch a film, if Seagal’s the feature of the night, I’d retire to the upstairs. They’d get plum enthusiastic about it – ugh-ugh, so to speak. I’m sure this was one of their favorites. ?‍♀️

      • Steven B

        Some of his movies were ok. I’ve read that he really isn’t a very nice person to work with and deliberately injures other people on set. Doesn’t like it too much when someone else accidentally gets a hit on him though. The title just reminded me of that movie. 🙂

  3. m99

    Was it Barbara Shupe that filmed such a creature in Washington State? I think so. At any rate, it’s chilling. I’ll try to check it out & post it, if I can find it.

    There’s a belief that there’s a demon that manifests as a praying mantis. Also, could it be what people call ghosts actually spiritual demonic entities? I think of the bible speaking a word of caution saying even the devil can manifest as an angel of “light”. Is this an end time phenomenon? If we as believers could learn what the tools of spiritual warfare are, perhaps we wouldn’t have to be so scared when we encounter these types of beings.

    • Debbie S

      I think you’re right…I remember seeing that and it was the clearest I had ever seen. Incredibly spooky. Attempts to claim it was light shimmering or heat radiating just weren’t totally explaining it. I think Scott Carpenter got something similar on one of his videos too…or I could be mistaken. Flack or not…it is demonic as far as I am concerned.

  4. Benjamin K

    These things do exist and because of the simple fact that they have cloaking ability, makes them the most intimidating cryptic of all time in my book!

    “If it bleeds we can kill it” = TRUE
    “You cant fight what you can’t see” = ALSO VERY TRUE!

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