Sep 15

Paranormal Portal: Searching For Sasquatch

Brent writes “Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, Don and I welcome Stephen Major of Extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC to the show! Stephen is active in Bigfoot Research and his team have been all over the nation and more pursuing the elusive #Sasquatch. His team is also the creative force behind “In Search of the Port Chatham Hairy Man” which can be seen on Amazon Prime.”


4 Responses to “Paranormal Portal: Searching For Sasquatch”

  1. Lynn W

    I realize some people like this type of format for a paranormal show. No disrespect. I am just stating my opinion. If you want feedback, here it is: I do not like all of the spooky sound effects in the beginning. To me that it makes the production appear non-serious and it got on my nerves. I kept listening though because I wanted to check it out but because even as far as 5 minutes into the recording it is still just chit chat and promoting and flattering the guest, I gave up in frustration.

    • Annette H

      I really really enjoyed this. The adds are a bit weird but hey it’s free so you can’t really complain. And this guy’s stories were fascinating. Thanks Wes for sharing it with us.

  2. m99

    Like that guys dad! What a character. He had a spine about though, taking those artifacts back. Bet the Sasquatch (watchers) were watching him as he did. BTW ~ love that bumper music! Good find. Thanks Wes. I’d forgotten about this channel.

  3. Jonathan B

    Why in the name of everything holy is there that terrible ass music in the middle of an interview?!?! I mean, I’m not listening to this to listen to your at home garage band dude lol. And don’t get me wrong I’ve been in bands for years and even go as far as playing Warped Tour but and I get people are listening, but k’mon. Maybe I’m just not in to that kind of music. Just seems silly to me to throw that in. I’m going to keep trucking listening I’m at 1 hr 12 m now. Hopefully it gets good

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