Oct 16

The Figure In The Window

A listener writes “It was the summer of 1977, the summer Elvis died. My dad was a contractor building barracks at Fort Polk Air Force Base in West La. We went out there for the summer to spend summer with him in Leesville, Louisiana, we lived in Miami and usually spent summers where dad was working.

We were staying in a single-wide with an add-on to the side of it out on the Toledo Bend side of Leesville. It was me, I was 7, and my sister, 9, was in the add-on room as an extra bedroom, and mom and dad was in the main bedroom of the trailer.

One night my sister and I were almost asleep and we heard something outside the wall. I looked and a figure appeared in the window and seemed like it was looking in at us. Now I might add that there were 4 steps up to floor level, then to have a head level at the top of the windows would have put this figure at about 9 feet. I remember my sister gasped and we both got up and ran to our parents’ room.

We tried to explain what we saw to our parents, and dad kept saying it might have been the neighbor teenager kid peeking in the windows.

For years we had joked about the shortcut to mommy’s room, but to my knowledge never brought up the figure in the window again.

From what I can remember, this figure was massive and filled the window. I saw eyes, like a yellow eye shine, but there was no light to reflect.

I had pretty much forgotten about this whole encounter, but as I am listening to the Sasquatch Chronicles, currently about episode 150 or so, I keep hearing about East Texas and Toledo Bend area, and it brought back the memories of that thing in the window.

A few years later, I think I was about 12, I was fishing with my dad out in the Everglades, and all of a sudden we had a whiff of a foul stench came around us quite suddenly. Looking back now I think it might have been a skunk ape nearby, or as you call them a swamp ape. Dad said that it was probably some swamp gas that burped up nearby.

Anyways, I’m enjoying the show, even if I do put it on to help me go to sleep at night. I listen to the stories, and then during the long musical outro I find myself dozing off. One main thing I really like about the show, is it’s not just you and a few folks talking about stuff, but you have real people that are sharing what they encountered.”

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  1. Sean S

    This encounter is very close to where i had my encounter in Evans Louisiana which is a little town on the Sabine river just West of Ft Polk. This was in 1989 i have yet to discuss my sighting yet with anybody, mabye in the near future. There really seems to be quite a few sightings in the same general area where mine occured.

  2. Linda B

    Sean, I’ve heard the name of the Sabine River come up in Bigfoot conversations several times. I’m glad you are part of the SC family, and when you are ready I’m sure we’d all love to hear you tell about your encounter, no pressure. Take care.

  3. Ric M

    If the listener who wrote this event is reading these comments, I wonder if your dad believed you but downplayed the event to give you some sort of peace of mind. I mean no way is the neighbor’s kid gonna fill out the whole window. I wonder about that because as you stated you “joked” about it later on. What do you think? One last thing, Elvis was the King!!!

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