Oct 16

The Confessionals: Tartaria, Hollow Earth, and Giants

Tony writes “In Episode 484: Tartaria, Hollow Earth, and Giants, we have Jeff Foran from Strangeology podcast joining us!

I stumbled across his podcast while looking into a certain topic, and after I heard the information he shares and the in-depth research he conducts, I had to bring him on to The Confessionals. Jeff is the Dan Carlin of strange podcasts, as he will spend hours researching a topic, and then power up his studio and record himself teaching everything there you need to know about that topic.

On Episode 484, he shares what we need to know about Tartaria, the mud flood, and how the hollow earth and giants might tie in to them.”

One Response to “The Confessionals: Tartaria, Hollow Earth, and Giants”

  1. Eric J

    I am not a flat earther, but I 100 percent agree on the tartaria subject. The evidence is there if we look. The starforts are all over North America as well, they can be found on google earth. This subject really interests me! I could go on and on about all the evidence I’ve found of a previous civilization wiped out by cataclysms. Earth has a repeating reset cycle .

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