Sep 15

The Creature Begins To Circle Us

A listener writes “I had an encounter with a Dogman back in August of 2021 in the State of California were I reside. At the time of the encounter I was homeless.

I lost everything at that time due to the Covid-19 outbreak lost my business, I lost my dream car all I had left was my old Mini Van and my dog, I was forced to live in my van for a while until I was able to get back onto my feet.

I suffer from PTSD due to trauma I experienced growing up. This one particular evening my PTSD was really triggered that evening and I could not calm myself down so I decided to drive myself to the Hospital on my way to the Hospital my van breaks down (my van was an older van and I was having electrical issues) I pull off to the side of the road I wasn’t to far away from the Hospital.

I get my dog out of the van and we started to walk to the rest of the way to the ER. To get to the Hospital we had to walk through a very large unused crop field.

As were walking through this field was about in the middle of this large field that had grass growing that was up to my hips I am 5’8. And from out of nowhere we get charged by this large Coyote looking animal that at the time it was on all fours.

I am holding onto my dogs leash and the large Coyote looking animal (Dogman) lunges at my dog I pull my dog away from the creature and I pick my dog up in my arms and I am holding my dog in my arms and the creature begins to circle us and then it charges forward at us again.

This time it is about three feet from us as it lunges at us (it was going after my dog) it stands up reaches towards out to grab my dog out of my arms when it stood up it was a little over 6ft tall and had to weigh around 400 pounds! I quickly move us out of the way! Then it drops back down to all fours and runs off into the field.”

7 Responses to “The Creature Begins To Circle Us”

  1. Teresa V

    omg! this is a very scary encounter! i hope you made it to the hospital to get help with your PTSD, and I hope this experience did not cause you to have further issues with PTSD!

  2. Dovie D

    Now another traumatizing event. Yes I hope things are going better for you now. How is your dog? How scary to have something like this in a field next to a hospital. I’ve heard these creatures can be in town if not in town next to the town. I pray I never see a dog man 🙏 I pray you and your dog are well. God bless you

  3. Terri M

    Wow what an encounter!!…what part of CA ? I live in CA…I don’t think I’ve come across another DogMan encounter in CA …it would be great to hear what you did after he ran away..which is unusual in itself, when they seem more aggressive than Sasquatch for instance. I’m glad you’re alive to talk about it . Peace be in your life.

  4. Ron S

    Maybe this person had something dark following his life for quite a while. It may not have been coincidence that got him to lose almost everything and be demoted to a vehicle with issues that just so happens to break down and leads to the encounter.

    This is either pure fictional writing, or could actually be darkness being allowed to tamper with your destiny for a long time without any divine intervention or guardian Angel.

    Now I’m interested more in what kind of life this person led and if they committed many sins or followed dark ritualistic things… Probably deduce some quick solid answers why certain events happen to certain people, knowing which witnesses to different phenomena are/were really truly like in their private life.

    Sometimes it feels like negative encounters happen as your last chance to turn things around to something better… kind of a blessing in a way that you are still loved by something greater, and you and the dogs life was spared… but it’s definitely a wake up call. 🌞🙏🏼

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