Mar 3

The Confessionals: Satanic Panic and MK Ultra

Tony writes “In Episode 317: Satanic Panic and MK Ultra, we have the pleasure of speaking with Matt, a member of the Quinney family.

The Quinney family went through hell when their father, Melvin Quinney, was wrongfully accused and convicted of being a satanic cult leader who abused children. Matt shares with us how the events unfolded, how he and his siblings found out the truth about their father, and what they are doing now to exonerate Melvin. During our conversation, Matt also discusses his mother’s mental illness, which played a part in his father being locked away for many years. As he reveals more details about his mother, the topic of MK Ultra surfaces and will leave you wondering if the Quinneys’ unfortunate situation stems from an even darker origin. Matt’s conversation extends over a two parts, first as a public episode (Episode 317), and also as an Overtime episode.”

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  1. Peggy S

    WOW! Never heard of this before. My heart goes out to this family and others that experienced whatever the government did to them. May God show favor on this family and bless their dad!

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